VGA Planets is a graphical, multi-player, play by electronic mail, space war game by Tim Wisseman.

Here's whats at my site,
Start Files This page is aimed for the very beginner, it has batch files to download to help a new player run a "solo" game agaist the computer players.
Player Utils List VGAP Common Player Utilities List. Most (if not all) Player Utilities are listed on this page with links to them.
Mine Hit Test Chances of hitting a mine test. A thread that pops up on the Newsgroup every 3 - 4 months, Dont be fooled by what others say about minefields.
Host Quirks Siberian Snake's list of 'undocumented Host features' Located here with Genya's permission.
Using VPA This is what Alex (Author of VPA) has to say about this page,
Steven "Sonic Hedgehog" Gedye has created a great tutorial web page familiarizing new users with all the basic features of VPA. If you started using VPA recently and you feel lost in it's numerous functions, or you just want to take a brief look at VPA before you try it, then this page is for you.

Now a little about myself with VGA Planets,
I first started playing VGA Planets back in 1994 (this was before WinPlan and Host 3.2x) and it wouldn't be far wrong to say that since then I have done something with VGAP every day that I've been able to use my computer ;-)
My good understanding of the game makes me a feared opponent when playing any race but my 3 most favourite races are the Privs, Birds and Colonies with the Fascists being last.

This page is best viewed with my Computer or equivalent. I'm running Netscape with a screen resolution of 800x600. I haven't gone out of my way to make sure it doesn't work with other browsers but since I don't use them I can't test this page with them.