PayPal Payment

I have found two simple ways to pay with Paypal. The quickest way is if you follow the five steps below. The simplest way is if you send me an email requesting a "Bye Now" button with your make and model number and I will send you a "Bye Now" button.


Step One:

Do I have the book you are looking for?
If it is on the list of Instruction Manuals available then it is available (note the colour of the model number and go to step two), if not send me a email with your Make and Model numbers to find out.


Step Two:

How much is the cost?
The books are three different prices depending on size.
If the Model Number of the book you need is

  • Red the book costs US $12,

  • Blue it costs US $15

  • Green it costs US $20.

  • If the model number is Black the book is not priced send me an email for a price.

All prices include postage (Shipping) to any country


Step Three:

Read my policy on the return of a book.

Step Four:

Pay for the book

Red Book US $ 12
Blue Book US $ 15
Green Book US $ 20


Step Five:

Send me an email telling me you have paid for a book by Paypal, the book you would like and the address to send the book to if it is different to the address you have listed with Paypal.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.