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     CENTRAL SEARCH DOGS (CSD) is an organization committed to the training of Search and Location Dogs, handlers and support personnel in order to provide professional and highly-skilled Dog Teams to assist Emergency Service Agencies in their operations.
      Although the concept of using Dogs in Search and Rescue operations is not new, there is currently a demand from New Zealand Emergency Service Agencies for properly trained and certified Search Dog Teams. CSD is a nonprofit, community-based group of

dedicated individuals who volunteer their time, energy, and resources to help fulfill this need.  
Presently CSD attracts its members from the southern half of the North Island, however, as an organization we are equipped to respond to any emergency call-out in New Zealand where search dogs are required. CSD currently has seventeen members, all our teams are expected to work towards, and complete, the wilderness and/or urban search and rescue qualifications as prescribed by the New Zealand LandSAR or USAR Organisations.
    CSD draws on the experience of the group members who have extensive expertise in the training & trialing of dogs in the disciplines of obedience, agility and tracking. It is the competency and professionalism exhibited by our teams in training and real life emergency situations that demonstrate the commitment each of our Dogs and their Handlers have to fulfilling the objectives of Central Search Dogs.

                                   To Save Lives

Dave & Yoda climbing ladders