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SeniorNet is an International voluntary group for over 55's dedicated to educating  them in computer skills in an enjoyable and friendly manner.  All SeniorNet Dargaville courses are based on Microsoft Suites 2000, 2003, 2005, 2010 using Microsoft word for word processing. 
Where a person has little or no computer skills the recommended starting point is "Introduction to computers" a four week course. All others except those well versed with computers should consider "Word Processing Level 1" as their starting point as it gives a good insight into the philosophy behind computing. 
Each lesson is designed to be completed in a little less than the 2 hours allocated to allow for revision or experimenting with the skills already developed. Participants can move at the pace they are comfortable with, there is no  pressure to 'keep up'.  If assistance is needed, there is always a tutor available, or even other members of the course may be able to assist too. 
 We do have a few computers that you are able to borrow free of charge for the duration of any course that you do.  .  


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 Courses Available 

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Introduction to Computers                                                         4 Lessons Fee $25

Word Processing Level 1.                                                          8 Lessons Fee $45  
Works 2000 & XP.

 Word Processing Level 2.                                                         8 Lessons Fee $45          

Files and Folders and Disk Management Windows XP    6         6 Lessons  Fee $35

Workshops Various Subjects                                                     2 to 3 hours  Fee $5 to $15

Emil Advanced                                                                         4 Lessons Fee $25

Internet "Surf the Net"
                                                               4 Lessons Fee  $25

Animated Email                                                                       2 hour course Fee  $7.50       

Musical Email                                                                          2 hours course Fee $7.50

Data Base                                                                                 8 Lessons  Fee $45.00

Paint                                                                                        4 Lessons Fee $25

Scanning.                                                                                4 Lessons Fee $30   
(Fee includes colour-printing costs)

Genealogy.                                                                              4  Lessons Fee $25

Win Tutorial                                                                            1 Lessons Fee $18   
(Fee includes the $15 disk)

File Tutorial.                                                                            1 Lessons Fee $18   
(Fee includes the $15 disk) 

C D Burning                                                                             2 Lessons Fee $15

Digital Photogrphy                                                                   4 Lessons Fee $25

Basic PowerPointCourses                                                         4 Lessons Fee $25

Basic Guide to Internet Security                                               2 Lessons Fee $15

Microsoft Publisher 2000                                                         4 Lessons Fee $25  

Spreadsheets                                                                          8 Lessons  Fee $45
 Intro to iPad                                                                             4 Lessons Fee $25


Become a financial member, then book your  lessons early with the course  Coordinator. 
Check your newsletter for her phone number or click on the  Red e-mail below to send her an e-mail.




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