C-12f King Air Simpit 62-23855

Well, 2 cockpits huh?  How the ???? did that happen?!
A couple of years ago Brett and I went looking for old aircraft for possible conversion to a simpit.  I had heard a rumor of a Queen Air lying abandoned at Palmerston North airport, so one fine Saturday morning, armed with tape measure, camera and dreams we headed North is search of a donor cockpit.
Short story long... We aranged to purchase the Queen Air and ship it back to Masteron. Fast forward a couple of years, and we find the cockpit fitted nicely in the end of my "Sim Room", right next to the A-4 'pit.
This Queen Air started life as U-8f "Seminole" 62-23855, built in August 1962 for the US Army.  Some time after 1984 became N5079G and was subsequently sold to United Aviation in New Zealand as a spares source.  I have heard un-confirmed stories that 62-23855 *may* have flown in Vietnam, and as N5079G *may* have been used for drug running...... makes for an interesting story don't it? :)

I have no real attachment to the Queen Air as an aircraft type, But as a King Air I can get all enthusiastic about it ;-)  With a couple of minor structural changes the Queen Air cockpit can be converted into a King Air 200, or military C-12f, so thats what I plan to do.
This will be a much simpler sim than the A-4, no Epic for starters :)  I think the major part of this sim will be "flight" simulation rather than "systems" simulation, the whole electrical and hydraulic system will be simplified so that the focus can be on the  actual flying.



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