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I am blown away by the quality of your software. It scores high with me in user friendliness, features, portability, common sense and progressiveness.
- I.T., Australia

It is wonderful, amazing, great!!! It has more flexibility that I ever dreamed to have.
- P.D., Bolivia

ScionPC is brilliant - use it and you will see its innovation is in understanding ancestry and what people want from computers.
- P.J.S., Australia

Wonderfully flexible and comprehensive software.
- J.S., Australia

5 stars ... I am blown away by how good this software is.
- M.McG., New Zealand

One really neat feature of the program is the ability to generate web pages from the program.
- freegenealogyresources. blogspot. com

It's a dream to use.
- "Mr C" at Google Groups - soc. genealogy. britain

Amazing and portable ... Thumbs Up! Get it, use it, rate it! 5-star rating.
- User "busybusy" on

Rated one of the Most Notable Apps of 2010 by

ScionPC is free, portable, fully-featured, genealogy software with a modern, easy-to-use interface, ideal for both the novice and the experienced genealogist.

Its focus is on the simple entry and clear display of family information.

Databases from other family tree programs can be imported into ScionPC using its GEDCOM import facility. Just export your data from your old program as a GEDCOM file and then import that file into ScionPC - it's that easy.

ScionPC uses a fully-documented, "open" XML database file format - don't be locked into a proprietary file system.

The program has been written in a totally secular manner, has no checking on sex (to allow for "unconventional" relationships), and has no naming constraints (to allow for adopted children). The partners of a family group (or marriage/union) are referred to as "Prime" and "Partner" rather than "Husband & Wife" or "Father & Mother". Either partner can be the Prime.

Free-form notes and sources can be created and viewed, and any files may be attached to any person or family.

Other features include user-defined facts, dynamic on-screen ancestor and descendant charts, extensive on-line help, and powerful searching and filtering. View the full list of program features and some screenshots of the program.

ScionPC will run happily from a USB flash-drive as a "portable" application, and will leave no traces behind on any host computer. Take ScionPC and your database with you wherever you go.

ScionPC has no limitations, no advertising, no "nagging", no registration required, no messing with your Windows Registry, and no spyware or other anti-social "nasties". And remember it's completely free!

ScionPC Genealogical Management System © Copyright 1993 - 2016 by Robbie J Akins, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND [Home Page]