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Version History

Version 8.3   September 2016
  • New - Improved navigation
  • New - Search computer for GEDCOM files
  • New - If loaded database has not been changed, program no longer asks if you want to save it on exit
  • Updated - Count of surnames-by-sex added to statistics report and web-page
  • Updated - Picture details now displayed below default pictures on personal and family album web pages
  • Updated - Support for long-obsolete Amiga databases discontinued
  • GEDCOM export of non-Gregorian calendars in dates was incorrect. Fixed.
  • GEDCOM "Selected export" of ancestors/descendants could terminate early at single-parent families. Fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 8.2   May 2014
  • New - Back/foward buttons to browse through visited database entries
  • New - "Immediate Relatives" button in "Pedigree" area of personal page.
  • New - Optional support for intersex individuals
  • New - "Quick Pick" button added to Fact Details dialog to speed up data entry
  • New - Copy/paste facts between people/families
  • New - Add quick-links to external applications to the "Tools" menu
  • New - Who/Where/When report
  • New - New tool to set/clear personal/family User IDs
  • New - List of Events dialog
  • New - Website GENDEX index file generation
  • New - ScionPC Reference Manual (if in program folder) can be accessed from the Help menu
  • Updated - Checking of surname spelling consistency added to Audit report
  • Updated - Personal Summary reports can now be printed in alphabetical order
  • Updated - Print Personal Events reports (with or without historical events) for selected people
  • Updated - Statistics report and web-page now include count of fact occurrences
  • Updated - Web pages can now have either ".htm" or ".html" file extensions
  • Updated - Merge Places dialog now displays the number of occurrences of each place name
  • Updated - Merge People dialog improved
  • Updated - Autotext configuration moved to Preferences dialog
  • Updated - Copy attachment full filename to Windows clipboard from List of Attachments dialog
  • Updated - Improved report compatibility with various word processors
  • Generation of some extremely long reports (many hundreds of pages) could sometimes freeze. Fixed.
  • Some navigation links on web pages were loosing their underlining. Fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 8.1   March 2013
  • New - Person-in-History Chronology Report listing personal events along with important historical events
  • New - Multi-Relationship Report listing those people with multiple parents (e.g. both birth and adoptive parents) and/or multiple partners
  • Updated - Quick access to web sites, files and email addresses in the Details preview area of Lists of Sources/Notes
  • Updated - Quick access to email addresses referenced in the editable fields of Sources and Notes
  • Updated - Multiple partners in displays and reports are now automatically ordered by marriage/union date
  • Updated - Thumbnail display added to List of Attachments dialog
  • Updated - Improved navigation elements added to all default (and 'bonus') web-page templates
  • Updated - Historical events can be optionally included on the personal Timeline tab
  • Updated - Death dates added to Descendant Charts
  • Updated - Combined surname/given-name filtering added to person/family/name selection dialogs
  • Updated - Improved List of Names dialog
  • Updated - Relationship Calculator enhanced to simplify selection of possible relative. Reporting feature added.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 8.0   June 2012
  • New - Timeline tab added to Personal Details Page
  • New - Program can be localised into Western European languages. Sorry, no translations yet - volunteer translators welcome!
  • New - Program options integrated into a single dialog
  • New - "Master" List of Places (with referencing and editing capability)
  • New - Simplified entry of accented characters using Microsoft's Character Map
  • New - Quick access to files and web sites referenced in the editable fields of Notes and Sources
  • Updated - Improved GEDCOM support
  • Updated - Enhanced Relationship Calculator
  • Updated - Enhanced privacy handling
  • Updated - Event Places List report
  • Updated - Descendants Chart report
  • Updated - Personal Events Chronology Chart
  • Updated - New "web template variables" to add page generation date to web pages
  • When reading some data, multiple adjacent spaces were being condensed into a single space. Fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.6   July 2011 re-release
  • Bug fix for rare "memory access error" on program startup. Version number unchanged.
Version 7.6   June 2011
  • New - Tool to find and relocate missing attachments
  • New - Tool to add a "deceased" fact to people likely to be dead
  • New - Select fact places from a list of existing place names
  • New - Thumbnails of people/families displayed on main data pages
  • New - Personal Summary reports optionally including ancestors or descendants
  • New - Copy personal/family summaries to the clipboard as text
  • New - "Drag-n-drop" to re-order on-screen display of personal/family facts
  • Updated - Optionally remember default sort-order of List of People
  • Updated - Improved documentation of book-style reports
  • Updated - Improved support of repositories
  • In some reports, the user-defined order of children was not always honoured. Fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.5   February 2011
  • New - Optional display of personal thumbnails in Enhanced Tooltips
  • New - Specify the surname appearance as upper-case, initial capital, or as-entered
  • New - Add multiple attachments to multiple people/families in one step
  • New - Quickly insert people's names into attachment details
  • New - Optionally strip names on "privatisation" of database
  • Updated - GEDCOM export now supports export of only selected people
  • Updated - Improved GEDCOM import
  • Updated - Remember any user-defined fact types for subsequent re-selection
  • Updated - Increased generation limit in Progeny, Ahnentafel and List of Relatives Reports
  • Updated - Personal Digest reports can now optionally include non-BDM facts
  • Updated - Enhanced "shift-click" navigation in Ancestors dialog
  • Updated - Extended File Properties dialog
  • Updated - Improved date entry
  • Updated - Improved handling of Enhanced Tooltip options
  • On web pages, date-less children/siblings could display a previous person's dates. Fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes and programme enhancements
Version 7.4   July 2010
  • New - Set privacy of "living" people
  • New - Box-style Pedigree Chart reports
  • New - Very concise Personal Digests report
  • New - List of People web page (with dates and partners)
  • New - Option to display last-used database on program startup
  • New - "Browser mode" for on-screen ancestor and descendant charts
  • Updated - Relationship Calculator enhanced to show lines-of-descent
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.3   February 2010
  • New - "Possible Duplicates" report
  • New - Full support for custom, user-defined fact types
  • New - Option to specify records to display on loading a database
  • New - Facility to merge duplicate people
  • New - Facility to merge identical notes, sources and repositories
  • Updated - Modern versions of Microsoft Word now understand the pictures in reports
  • Updated - Narrative-style reports now (optionally) document data source references
  • Updated - Improved GEDCOM compatibility
  • Updated - Enhanced Regnal Date Converter
  • Updated - "Copy and paste" of people now includes evidence
  • Updated - Enhanced "right-click" navigation in Ancestors dialog
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.2   August 2009
  • New - Family Statistics web-page.
  • Updated - Personal Events chronology report enhanced to include related events (such as sibling births/deaths).
  • Documentation restructured and simplified.
  • Lone non-biological (e.g. adopted) children were not being included in Progeny Charts. Fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.1   February 2009
  • Creation of new Repositories was accidentally disabled. Fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.0.9   January 2009
  • New - Custom Reports.
  • New - Full support of Repositories added.
  • New - Merge Places tool to assist rationalisation of place names.
  • Updated - Day-of-week display added to Age/Date Calculator.
  • Updated - Surname frequencies added to Statistics Report.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.0.8   September 2008
  • New - Reports can be automatically viewed after generation.
  • New - List of Attachments report.
  • New - English/British regnal date converter added to Age/Date Calculator.
  • New - Option to log records changed during global search-and-replace.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.0.7   July 2008
  • Updated - On-line help restructured.
  • Updated - "Advanced Program Settings" documentation added to manual.
  • Web Name Indexes now correctly support surnames with accented characters.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.0.6   May 2008
  • Name Exceptions were "broken". Fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.0.5   December 2007
  • New - Event Places List reports all places and the events that occurred in those places.
  • New - Children can be arranged in a user-defined order.
  • New - In Family List summaries, right-click to show children.
  • New - Ages are displayed when hovering the pointer over dates in Main Page fact, children and name lists.
  • New - Word processor generation of a "master index" of names supported for Personal Summary, Family Group Sheet, Progeny and Ahnentafel Reports.
  • Enhanced personal navigation from main personal page. Also, press 'F8' to display a navigable list of the current person's parents, siblings, partners and children.
  • Improved GEDCOM import.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.0.4   October 2007
  • New - Generate a complete web site of your database in one step.
  • New - Audit Report performs and reports on numerous checks of the database for errors and inconsistencies.
  • New - Related Causes of Death Report lists the cause of death of all the relatives of the currently displayed person - useful for exposing genetic predispositions.
  • New - Anniversaries Chronology Chart lists events in day-of-month order.
  • New - Personal Events Chronology Chart lists all events in chronological order for every person.
  • Updated - Personal Summary Reports can now (optionally) include brief details of the person's children.
  • Updated - Chronology Chart Reports now include the age of each person at each event.
  • Updated - Ahnentafel and Progeny Chart Reports can be limited to a user-defined number of generations.
  • Updated - Selected Fact Reports now include the age at each selected event (such as age at baptism, age at graduation, ages at marriage, etc). The Cause of Death fact reports the death date and age at death.
  • Updated - List of Relatives reports now include the "line of descent" (e.g. father's side or mother's side of family) for each relative.
  • Updated - Statistics report now includes the database dimensions (number of people, families, etc).
  • Updated - The on-line help is once again context-sensitive. Just press F1.
  • Report generation is now significantly faster.
  • Running the program from a flash drive on Windows XP SP2 is now faster.
  • Fixed a bug where the program could "hang" when generating a web-page for a person with multiple names.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.0.3   August 2007
  • New - Private data can be stripped from a database. For example, maybe some people are living and would prefer to withhold their personal data from reports and web-pages.
  • New - Filiation (Child Relationship) Report of all those people who are a child in two or more families, or who are a non-biological child in a single family.
  • New - In Pick Person, Pick Family and Pick Name lists, right click on column header to show/hide a "User ID" column.
  • New - Generate reports on search results for later study.
  • Workaround implemented for a known "dll relocation" problem, caused by a Microsoft Windows XP (SP2) Security Update, that affected some users of earlier ScionPC versions. An unfortunate consequence of the workaround is that the on-line help (which is still available - just press F1) is no longer context-sensitive. Sorry. At least the program will now run correctly on that weird Internet cafe computer.
  • In-built "equal to" autotexts extended to the Family Facts dialog.
  • Autotext definition moved from Edit menu to Options menu.
  • Enhanced tooltips have been extended to the facts, children and names lists. Just hover the mouse pointer over an evidence checkmark.
  • Improved report compatibility with AbiWord word processor.
  • Improved GEDCOM import and export.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.0.2   June 2007
  • New - Simple backup facility (along with optional weekly or monthly reminders).
  • New - In-built "equal to" autotexts for the Personal Facts dialog. This allows copying of places or details from a parent's, sibling's, partner's or adjacent person's equivalent fact.
  • New - Global spell-checking feature to spell check places, names, notes, sources, etc.
  • New - The Soundex Calculator now calculates additional phonetic codes.
  • New - The Age/Date Calculator can now (optionally) display "On This Day" events, and the program can export database events in a form suitable for inclusion in the "On This Day" display.
  • The Custom Dictionary user interface has been simplified.
  • Some documentation changes to clarify certain aspects of the program's operation.
  • Minor bug fixes and program enhancements.
Version 7.0.1   March 2007
  • Initial public release of PC-based program.

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