Great War Spearhead scenarios

My aim is to populate this web site with a range of scenarios that support the main Great War Spearhead website, and the Yahoo Groups site. As I often don't have enough figures to re-fight complete historical battles, I tend to look for specific events that might have characterized specific battles, and then forge them into a playable scenario. Consequently some of the fictional scenarios may seem a little idiosyncratic, but I'm sure that you will enjoy them. I have also published scenarios written by other gamers, and welcome further contributions (or in fact any comments and feedback from players).

The scenarios on this site have been laid out so that players may simply download and print off the Orders of Battle, and write attachments onto the print-outs.

I have also provided links to scenarios prepared by other 'gamers, and made available on their own web sites, including several published on the official Great War Spearhead website itself (just in case you haven't seen them yet). The inclusion of those scenarios here is not intended to compromise their copyright of scenarios, but to promote their sites as additional sources of scenario material for Great War Spearhead players.

Western Front
Introductory scenarios: France 1914 Two scenarios designed for new players with small forces, although they also suit those times when you might only have one or two hours available for a quick game. They are:

Don't be deceived by the apparent simplicity of these two scenarios.

Advanced guard - August 1914   A fanciful fictional scenario, but an interesting tactical challenge,  pitting a German advanced guard against a BEF advanced guard.
Battle of the Silver Helmets


The Battle of Halen, 12 August 1914. An exciting historical scenario between Belgian and German cavalry in the opening days of the first world war, as German  Cavalry on the outside of the German wheel around Paris confront Belgian cavalry desperately trying to buy time for the Anglo French forces. Can you buy them this time? This scenario was researched and written by Robert Dunlop.
All arms counterpunch 1918 With both sides struggling to find adequate manpower, a British division undertakes a preliminary assault against two German regiments to gain a better position for the next big push. Both sides must combine all arms to have any chance of success: there are far too few infantry available for any poorly planned frontal assault to stand a chance of success.
Aisne River Crossing 1914 A British division attempts an opposed crossing of the River Aisne during the allied counter-offensive, but the British commander has  a trick or two up his sleeve, published in the Scenarios section of the official Great War Spearhead site.
Railway Battle Scenario A French force attempts to protect a rail line from an advancing German force attempting to blow the line, published in the Scenarios section of the official Great War Spearhead site..
Yellow cloud north of Ypres A fictional battle set in the early days of the second battle of Ypres capturing some of the key issues of battle at this time: the horrors of poison gas, and the need to plan the use of artillery carefully to support your attack. The battle requires one German division and one British (or French) division.
Crisis in the Balkans A fictional battle between Allied and Turkish forces set around 1917/1918, with two Turkish divisions and one strengthened Allied division, fighting through mountainous terrain.
Shabatz Two Austro Hungarian divisions attempt to push a veteran force of Serbs out of the town of Shabatz (four town sectors.... that has to hurt!!), published in the Scenarios section of the official Great War Spearhead site.
Kosturino 1915 Kosturino December 1915: This is a Great War Spearhead Scenario based in Macedonia at the close of 1915, written by Dave Watson (Balkan Dave) and available on his website. It is based on the action at Kosturino but with some amendments to the order of battle to improve the playability of the scenario. The actual battle is described in Action at Kosturino.
Middle East
Up the river to Nasariyeh (New) A scenario based upon the month long advance of Anglo-Indian forces up the Euphrates river to capture the town of Nasariyeh. The scenario combines key features of the month long advance including supporting gunboats. Wax up your whiskers and pour another gin...

The scenario was researched and written by Eric Spicer, and play-tested by Andy Gorman, Jon Harding, Stan Walker and Robin Sutton.

Attack on the Oasis 1916 A fictional battle set in Palestine and based around events from Second Gaza. The battle requires one division of Turkish troops, and 5 British brigade equivalents.
Breakout from Suvla It is August 1915. British forces have landed at Suvla Bay on 6 August in an attempt to break the stalemate that has developed at ANZAC and Helles on the Dardanelles. They must take the high ground around the beaches, against apparently light Turkish opposition: if they succeed, the Gallipoli Peninsular is theirs.
Fighting in the Garden of Eden; Qurna, 1914   A smaller Anglo-Indian force attacks a Turkish force defending the town of Qurna, 80 miles north of Basra. This delightful 'what if' Great War Spearhead scenario requires approximately a division for each side. It was researched and written by Eric Spicer, and play tested by Stan Walker, Andy Gorman and Al Clarke of Christchurch.
Affair at Abu Tulul, 1918 (New) Elements of the German Asia Corps, supported by a Turkish Division, assault ANZAC positions around the feature of Abu Tulul. Can the ANZACs hold out when their positions are so thinly held? This scenario was  researched and written by Eric Spicer, and play tested by Stan Walker, Nick Grant, and Andy Gorman of Christchurch.
Eastern Front
Russian rescue 1914 A fictional scenario (designed by Robin Sutton and Andy Gorman) in which elements of a Russian infantry division must rush to the rescue of two battalions holding a town outpost in the face of a Turkish advance by two under strength Turkish divisions. This is a smaller scenario that players can probably complete inside two hours, yet it has a number of randomly generated variables that will reward several re-plays of the battle.
Battle of Tanga Green Indian troops attempt to push German colonial troops out of the small town of Tanga in East Africa, published in the Scenarios section of the official Great War Spearhead site.
Balkan Wars
Battle of Seliolu First Balkan War, Thrace, 22/23 October 1912: a Bulgarian division tries to clear Turkish forces from Seliolu. This is a link to Dave Watson's Balkan Wars page.

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