Attack on the Oasis 1916/17


This scenario is a fictional battle based on several events that occurred during the first two Gaza battles in Palestine. Frontal British attacks, and wide deep desert outflanking maneuvers by mounted forces, featured on occasions. In this case the scenario arises during a fictional British attack on an oasis held by Turkish forces. ANZAC mounted forces (two brigades) have been sent on a deep flanking march through the desert in an attempt to outflank the Turkish positions.

Designer’s notes

This scenario requires some modifications to the core GWSH rules. Players should ideally only see the OOBs and player notes for the side that they will be commanding. This will make game play more interesting and challenging.


Turkish forces: hold the oasis and keep the road clear of enemy forces as it is the only usable supply route for forces in the area.

British forces: Capture the oasis and cut the road connecting the oasis with its major supply base. 

To claim control of the road there must be no enemy infantry stands within 10" of the road anywhere along its entire length.

Entry points

British forces must enter from the western board edge at the bottom of the map.

Turkish forces are set up anywhere within 36" of the eastern side of the board at the top of the map.

Orders of Battle

The Turkish Order of Battle can be found here.

The British Order of Battle can be found here.


The terrain slope gently upwards towards the western edge of the board. Only key terrain features have been marked. The grid squares on the map are 12” squares.