Battle of the Silver Helmets

Halen, August 1914


The Schlieffen Plan required the German right wing to wheel quickly through Belgium. The German First and Second Armies had to outflank the left wing of the combined Anglo-French armies. The German 2nd Corps, led by General von der Marwitz, led the way. The cavalry crossed the Meuse river and proceeded towards Brussels. At first, the Belgian forces offered minimal resistance. Then the German cavalry reached the town of Halen, with its bridge across the River Gette. The momentum of the German advance had to be maintained at all costs. The cavalry had to cross the bridge, occupy Halen and push on. General de Witte and the Belgian (6th) Cavalry Division were waiting. Could they buy the Entente more time?

This scenario was researched and written by Robert Dunlop.

Designer’s notes  

This is an unusual scenario for the Western Front. It pits two cavalry forces against each other. Both are supported by ancillary forces including cyclists. Historically, Belgian infantry reinforcements arrived during the battle. In the scenario, the Belgian commander can choose whether or not to bring on the reinforcements, but beware: the victory conditions change accordingly. The German commander is kept guessing about the true situation and must plan for any contingency.


Objectives are given with the OOBs for each force. To retain an element of surprise, you might like to make sure that each player does not see the opponent's OOB and victory conditions before the battle.

Special scenario rules

Relevant special rules are included with each OOB. We recommend that the Belgian force be subject to the advanced morale rule.

Orders of Battle and set-up

The Belgian OOB and victory conditions can be found here.

The German OOB and victory conditions can be found here.

German forces enter from the road to the south east of Waterkand.

Belgian forces may set up anywhere on the southwest side of the River Gette. Command zones may not be exceeded.


The River Gette is not fordable.