Advanced guard - August 1914


The German advance has continued almost unchecked since the battles of the frontiers, although "the right hand man" in the German advance has not exactly done as Schlieffen had demanded: there were no German right hand sleeves brushing the Channel coast so far. During the course of their retreat both German and BEF forces have lost contact wth each other: where are they?

The German advance continues, while a local BEF commander, working on the so often ignored reports of British aviators, wonders if he can force the German advanced guard to deploy and so buy the other divisions of the BEF more time to pull back to the next defendable river line: the river Marne. This scenario was written by Robin Sutton and play tested by Robin and Stan Walker.

Designer’s notes

This fictional scenario is a somewhat fanciful one, putting the BEF commander into a position that no BEF troops actually faced and none of the BEF divisional commanders adopted prior to the counter-attack on the Marne. It has been designed to present an interesting tactical challenge to both players as they take on the rolls of advanced guards in August 1914.


B.E.F.: Hold the ridge line represented by Objectives 1 and 2.

German: Take and hold the ridge line represented by Objectives 1 and 2.

No flank marches are allowed to either force.

Entry points

Starting edges are shown on the map below.


The grid squares on the map are 12” squares. The terrain has been designed to represent the rolling ridges typical of some parts of northern France and southern Belgium. The relative positions of the two objective parts of the ridge is important.


The OOBs for each command can be downloaded as pdf files using the links below. I recommend that the  OOBs are downloaded separately, as there are some variations that would best be kept to each player to provide an element of surprise for the opponent.

The BEF OOB can be downloaded here.

The German OOB can be downloaded here.

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