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20mm First World War figures from a range of figure collections



A few pictures of the new HaT 1914 French infantry. The figures speak for themselves. They are very easy to paint: the sculpture has made an excellent job of ensuring that the surface detail is easy to paint.
Views of HaT WW1 Russians. These figures have been painted in a mix of Khakis, with some in the 1904 Russo Japanese War green trousers with lighter shirt. More pictures can be seen here on the HaT web site. I bought these figures soon after their release, and they have sat in the box for quite some time. I painted one sprue when I bought them, and in the meantime had forgotten what a joy they are to paint.
Russians, 1914 wearing a browner shade of khaki, similar to the British shade. These photos were shot during a Great War Spearhead game set in 1914, created using the Scenario Generation system.
More Russians, 1914 - with a greener shade of khaki.
Australian Light Horse figures from the proposed HaT set. The set comes with six mounted figures, one horse with horse holder, and 3 dismounted figures. These are a welcome addition to such a set, as I personally prefer to mount cavalry figures along with a dismounted figure. To make up numbers I used figures form the HaT ANZAC set which are a great match in both size and style. Release of this set has been put on hold by HaT.
The horse holder, and stationary horse from the Australian Light Horse. The front figure in blue shirt is from the ANZAC set. You can see more photos of these figures on the HaT web site here.
As a result of some 'play time' with my digital camera, I have been working on some 'improved' photos for the site. Here is none of them: an infantry stand from my 1914 German infantry division. Most of you will no doubt recognise the Airfix German infantry, now released by HaT of course.
A Strelets German cavalry Dragoon. This unit from the Divisional cavalry was caught on camera probing towards a stream, having lead a flank march by an infantry regiment. The flank marchers were however, caught in the flank by a strong French attack down the same flank of the battle field. The entire regiment was eliminated in 2 game turns.. ouch!!! and.. yes, I was commanding the German forces.
The HaT WW1 Canadian infantry figures: in this case the 3" Stokes Mortar. Some of the crew, and infantry figures, come sculpted in the leather jerkin, a nice variation for the table top.
The Vickers, and a Lewis gun team, from the HaT Canadian infantry. The figures come in a slightly softer plastic that HaT have been using for their recent releases, and are relatively free of flash. The sculpting is of a good quality, and the figures are (as you'd hope) entirely compatible with the remainder of their WW1 range. More photos can be seen here, here and here, Here's a link to some very nice Canadian conversions in kilt, painted by Craig Stewart of Canada.
Front view of two stands of the BB Miniatures Indian cavalry. These figures are a part of their Allenby range. The figures are nominally 20mm scale, and are the closest match to the HaT 20mm figures that I have found. The foot figures are from their Indian infantry range. While the figures are priced at the top end of the 20mm figure range, they are nicely sculpted with good detail. I understand that the company was bought by Mac Warren in 2005, and Mac is just getting things organised to continue supplying the BB Miniatures range. He offered prompt reliable service.
A rear view of the same figures, emphasizing the amount of detail sculpted onto each figure. The figures came cleanly molded, with separate rifles for the prone infantry, and separate lance arms for the cavalry. The only criticism I have of the cavalry is that the horse furniture does not include rifle buckets and rifles. These figures are just the thing for your re-fight of the Battle of Shaiba.
The HaT German Colonial troops, the Askaris.. The  test sprue came with very little if any flash. Each sprue comes with 12 figures in a variety of poses, and includes an officer and one figure wearing a 'slouch' hat. Further views can be seen here on the official HaT page.

I can recommend the web page "La Force Publique" as  a great source of uniform data for this period and theatre.

Front view of the German Askaris, ideal for re-fighting the 'Battle of Tanga'. The scenario can be found on the official Great War Spearhead web page.
A rear view of the same group: the figure wearing the slouch hat is second from left. 
Serbian Infantry from the HaT 20mm WW1 set, in this case the officer figure at the front. The sprue comes with 12 different figures, molded in hard plastic. These figures were painted with a base coat of German field gray, and then highlighted with a gray blended with the same German field gray colour. The figures on the test sprue are cleanly molded with very little flash. Even more views can be seen here on this official HaT age.

Maybe time to try re-fighting the Shabatz scenario posted by rules author Shawn Taylor in the files section on the Yahoo group?

Serbian assault troops: a bomber and a figure running advancing; a nice complement of figures for any war games table. The photo flash has lightened the uniform colour quite a lot.
The HaT 37mm trench gun from their World War 1 American infantry set. The gun is one of three options that buyers get with the pack, but the pack includes only one tripod and set of crew. Gamers may have to be inventive if they want to get all three support weapons. More photos of these figures can be seen here on the HaT website.
The HaT FT 17 tank, painted in the plain green colour scheme. The vehicle has been based on a base 1.25" wide but 2.5" deep (the regular Spearhead base width, and twice the depth). The vehicle kit assembles nicely with only seven parts, although the track units are left a little to far from the hull side unless the locating pins are shortened a little. The vehicle hasn't been 'weathered', a comment upon my own lack of vehicle modeling skills rather than on what the vehicle should look like. The vehicle was painted in Tamiya Olive Drab, and then 'lined out' with a lightened version of the same color. The tracks were painted Citadel Tin Bitz over a black undercoat, and then lightly dry brushed with Citadel Chainmail. Photo courtesy of Stan Walker.
HaT WW1 British infantry from 1914, still wearing the peaked cap. I like to paint the edges of my bases black to create a nice contrast with the table and scenery. Photo courtesy Keith McNelly
HaT Russian infantry advancing, although the formation may be a little suspect if you are playing Great War Spearhead. Note the slightly greener Russian khaki. For an interesting and informative outline of exactly what khaki is, go to the Yahoo group files, and look for an excellent outline written by veteran 'gamer Mal Wright. Photo courtesy Keith McNelly
These German 105mm guns come from the Irregular Miniatures Really Useful Guns range. They have been designed as large 15mm/small 20mm guns, and so are reasonably compatible with figures of either size. The nearest gun is crewed by figures in late war uniform, the other with figures in early war uniform. Photo courtesy Keith McNelly

British infantry attack an oasis position, supported by a Mark II tank, and a regiment of 18 pounders in position on the dunes behind. Some of the British infantry stands in this game have already been suppressed (as a result of some very effective Turkish artillery fire) and suppression markers can be seen on the stands. The Mark II tank broke down without seeing any action. The tank had been painted in the original battleship gray of the older Mark I.
The HaT Turkish MMG: in fact a German MMG (mounted on the German sled ) with Turkish crew. The figures are nicely molded, with the detail sufficiently clear to work well with the black undercoat/wet brush technique. Photo courtesy of Stan Walker.
The HaT Turkish 75mm Field Gun from their Turkish Heavy Weapons sprue. The gun has been painted with several dry brushes over a black undercoat. Photo courtesy of Stan Walker.
Irregular Miniatures MMG. Irregular don't actually produce an ANZAC MMG: Ian Kay from Irregular actually made the new hats for the ANZACs specially for me: this epitomizes the great service that this company always offers. The gun is a very nice 20mm rendition of the Vickers MMG. Photo courtesy of Andy Gorman.
ANZAC regimental command stand, featuring the HaT ANZACs. Photo courtesy of Andy Gorman. Personally I really like the animation of these ANZACs based, I suspect, on some great action photos taken at Gallipoli.
Some of the HaT German Heavy weapons figures, featuring the MG08, painted by Andy Gorman and based for Great War Spearhead. Photo courtesy of Andy Gorman.
Again from the HaT German Heavy Weapons set, the German flamethrower, painted by Andy Gorman and based for Great War Spearhead. Photo courtesy of Andy Gorman.

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