Some interesting links

Here are some links to sites that you may find interesting, and possibly even useful.

The official Great War Spearhead web site The official site for all things GWSH-related. Another source of scenarios, and rules modifications and additions.
Spearhead The official web site for the WW2 Spearhead rules by Arty Conliffe.
Modern Spearhead A site maintained by John Moher, dedicated to the modern variant of he Spearhead game.
The official HaT web site Producer of an ever growing range of WW1 plastic figures in 20mm.
Plastic Soldier Review The 'Plastic Soldier Review' page with reviews and pictures of the vast range of 20mm Plastic figures available to 'gamers. Here is the link to page with their World War 1 figure reviews.
The Painting Studio The home page of good friend Andy Gorman, 'gamer and painter. Andy offers a very good value painting service, so take a look at the quality and the great prices.
Canada in Khaki The blog of Rob Dewolfe tracing Rob's project re-fighting the 21st Bn (Eastern Ontario) CEF's attack on the Sugar Factory at Courcelette, a part of the Battle of the Somme. 
Balkan Military History A great site covering (as the title suggests) a wide range of aspects of military history in the Balkans. It includes some GWSH scenarios too!!
The Russo-Japanese War Research Society The web site of an amazing group of researchers and war gamers, it includes a great deal of original material on this fascinating war.
Warchron A discussion forum dedicat6d to the Great War in the east. There's a lot of information posted onto the forum, and many knowledgeable people on the forum - highly recommended.
GWSH Yahoo discussion group An active and supportive discussion group for all WW1 'gamers, the files section includes a wide range of historical and fictional scenarios as well.
The Great War An interesting resource site compiled by James Mowbray with an nice array of maps, photos and timelines.
Warchron A multi-volume history of the Russian and Eastern European Fronts in World War I and of the series of wars that followed.
The Russian Civil War The Jackson 'Gamers Period Page for the Russian Civil War, some great pictures and scenarios, although none for GWSH.
Brushfire The web address of Adrian Powell, whose painting style has been the inspiration for my own. This is a great source of inspiration, or simply some great 'eye candy'. I still look and learn.
The First Battle of the Marne Some great French sources on the First Battle of the Marne, but your French needs to be better than 'may I have a coffee please'. The link to "Documents in English' gives you the account of the BEF military operations in France and Belgium, 1914, by Brigadier-General James E Edmonds.
The Wargames Room Keith McNelly's "Wargames Room", dedicated particularly to his wargames interests using the Spearhead, and Volley and Bayonet, wargames rules.

He has an excellent general description of the mechanics of WW2 Spearhead here.

DBx Wargaming with 20mm Soft Plastic Figures Site maintained by Stan Walker who runs Canterbury Miniatures. Stan is a fanatical plastics painter and 'gamer. The site contains a great deal of useful information on plastics figures, and includes a lot of very useful links.
Landships A wonderful site full of great reference material on WW1 AFVs and artillery, including some great information on AFV colour schemes.
Andrew's Wargaming Page Web site of Andrew Hughes, a New Zealander living and working in Japan. The page showcases his 20mm plastics figure collections, and includes superb pages on World War 1, the Russo Japanese War, and the Russian Civil War.
Great War Spearhead Battalion data sheet creator This site allows people to create a printable sheet which holds the data for only the units a player is using.
Verdun map project Map of the Verdun battlefield, as it was in 1916, with accompanying photos.
Spearhead: France 1944 Rich Baier's SH World War 2 Resource site, with some great resources, including OOBs for the period and a selection of WW2 house rules.
World War 1 Research site An amazing collection of research links on World war 1.
Pygmy Wars 'Eastern Europe's bloody struggles 1918-23", featuring the Russo Polish War, the Russian Civil war, and the War in Latvia, with articles, scenarios and other wargames information.
6mm War gaming Kieran Mahoney's 6mm war gaming site with some really nice WW1 6mm figures and models, based for GWSH. This site is well worth a close look.
Military mapping survey of Austria-Hungary A tremendous range of maps od the Austria Hungary region, circa 1910
India Wargamers In their own words "We are an informal group of Wargamers based in Bangalore, India. We are interested in topics like strategy in wars, the history of warfare, historical re-creation of battles, battles of all times and eras. We do not use miniatures in our games but make do with suitable counters instead."
The Hong Kong Society of War gamers A really nice site that features sections on WW1 and the Russian Civil War. There are a couple of very nice illustrated battle reports on the site too.

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