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Welcome to this World War One war games page dedicated to the Great War Spearhead war games rules.

Samples of the HaT Australian Light Horse. The foot figure on the centre base is from the HaT ANZAC set, and these figures are a great match in both size and style. Sadly the release of this tantalizing set has been put on hold.

The Great Adventure has been given quite a make-over, and can now be found here.

The old content can still be found on this original site, but all new content will be posted to the new site and address. Remember to bookmark the new site, and keep watching.

Robin Sutton

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Why 'The Great Adventure'? 

Many men left the shores of New Zealand and Australia (and possibly many other nations as well) in 1914 and 1915 believing they were embarking upon the great adventure. Experience was quick to disprove this, and so for me the title represents the enthusiastic optimism, and the tragic reality, that was The Great War.


The views and opinions expressed on this web site are my own. Nothing written or implied here is intended to challenge the copyright of the Great War Spearhead, or Spearhead, war games rules nor the intellectual property of the authors.