After Action Reports

These After Action Reports have been posted in the hope that they may inspire other gamers to try these battles for themselves. Check the Scenarios page if you are interested on the OOBs and maps.

  • Breaking the line: It's 1915, and two under strength BEF divisions try to break through the German lines

  • A hot day's work: A BEF Brigade tries to hold the line against the advancing Germans.

  • Nasariyeh 1915: An Anglo-Indian force fights its way up the Euphrates trying to capture the town of Nasariyeh.

  • Advanced Guard 1914: BEF and German advanced guard forces clash in this fictional portrayal of a 1914 action. Read this "ripping good yarn" of the action from Mike Hennessy.

  • All arms counterpunch 1918: British and German forces, both running short of manpower, fight it our for a key strategic town sector, using infantry, artillery, armour and airpower.

  • Breakout from Suvla Bay: British troops lacking artillery, machine guns and water try to take the heights around Suvla in a race against the Turkish defenders.

  • Battle of Neuve Chapelle: attack and counter-attack as three British divisions attack the thinly held German salient in front of the village of Neuve Chapelle.

  • Battle of Shaiba: Turkish attack on the town of Shaiba, across the straights from Basra, April 1915. This action features an Indian Division, and two under-strength Turkish Divisions supported by a large contingent of Arab Cavalry.

  • Attack on the Oasis 1916: a fictional scenario featuring British and ANZAC forces attempting to retake an oasis, and cut a Turkish supply line. The scenario can be found here.

  • 'Yellow cloud north of Ypres': a fictional scenario based upon events at 2nd Ypres 1915, with BEF troops trying to stem the tide of the German advance in the face of further gas attacks. Photographs courtesy of Keith McNelly. The scenario and OOBs  may be downloaded here.
  • 'Crisis in the Balkans' after action report written up by Keith McNelly, and originally published on his web site 'The Wargames Room'. The OOBs and map for this scenario can be found here.

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