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Kieran Mahoney's 15mm Turkish army

Kieran is a New Zealand war gamer resident in Auckland (New Zealand's largest city). He war games mainly using 6mm figures and equipment, and maintains a great website dedicated to these diminutive guys, at www.6mm.wargaming.info . In his own words, he became "hooked' on 15mm for his Turks after seeing the figures on the Eureka website,  although he has a few 6mm Turks and 1/300th German Fighters, bombers and a Zeppelin. He confesses to having some 6mm division packs from Irregular that will be painted 'one day'.

It has only been in recent years that Kieran has become interested in WW1 and with the introduction of Great War Spearhead he found a rules set that he liked and which seemed to suit WW1 very well. He prefers the idea of the more open battles, and uniform variations, possible in the desert, but since reading the GWSH rules has begun to develop an interest in the trench warfare of the western front which, he feels, the rules handle very well. 

The commentary on the photos is presented in Kieran's own words: thanks Kieran for sharing these great photos with the rest of us.

"The first two photos (above and below) are of one of my brigade command stands. I used 2 figures instead of 3 to make them easier to see on the table. Unfortunately you can only get one officer pose from Eureka, but it's  a nice pose.

The basing for my figures consists of sand and different sized pebbles glued onto the base and then painted to look like acrid terrain. The flock mainly used is called 'burnt grass' by Woodland Scenics, with a bit of static grass in there as well."

"The next photos (3 and 4) show my HMG teams. This is a beautiful model from Eureka: the casting is very good and the bases are well detailed with ammo boxers and sandbags. You can see in the photos I added extra sandbags, made from modeling clay, to one of the bases. Sadly you only need 3 HMGs per division and I would love to have an excuse to have more of these figures.

I undercoat the figures black and follow this with a heavy dry brush of Tamiya Khaki on the uniforms. I then give the uniform a slightly lighter dry brush with Tamiya Khaki to cover almost all of the uniform except the cracks, and paint any areas that I have missed. Then I give them a brown wash (GW wash) and once that is dry, I dry brush them with Khaki again, followed by a final light dry brush of khaki mixed with white. Finally I pick out the details like the flesh, guns, belts and straps, and boots. The flesh is painted brown followed by a coat of the GW Dwarf flesh, the rifle is painted  brown for the wood and black followed by gun metal for the barrel etc."

"This photo above (number 5) shows a close up of some of the infantry I converted to fez. I'm not sure how many soldiers wore this in the field but I converted about 20%, mainly to add some variation and colour to the army. To make the fez, I cut away the sides of the helmet and filed a little off the top. Then I rolled out a strip of green stuff (modeling putty) and wrapped it around the remnants of the helmet and smoothed it out. Once the green stuff was hard, I filed it down into the shape of a fez."

"These next two photos (6 and 7) are some of the line infantry by Eureka. There are only 4 poses so in a larger army they start to look the same. I tried to mix up the poses on each base as well as the one I had converted to a fez."

"The two photos (above and below) show my divisional command stand, which is made up of one mounted and one foot officer and one normal rifleman (converted to a fez). The mounted figure is very nice and the horse is beautifully sculpted."

"The last two photos display the whole division minus any divisional assets. There are approximately 120 figures in the army. I still need to buy some 77mm guns and crew, along with some more bases for the divisional rifle battalion."

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