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Jon Harding's 20mm French army


Jon began collecting his 20mm French army over 20 years ago, but the figures were originally purchased to complete a 1940 French army. With the advent of Great War Spearhead the figures were finally painted (repainted in some cases) as mid and late war French. His army features a number of conversions, often head swaps, creating French marines, and cycle troops. The army has only recently been completed, and still needs some additional support weapons, but fights with a sense of spirit and defiance on the table top. The figures are Airfix (now released by HaT, of course), and are over 30 years old. As we played the game during which these photos were taken, Jon dropped a steel ruler onto a base, breaking the head off one figure. As I had discovered a year or two ago, some of this old plastic has become very brittle with age.


French infantry on the attack. Jon's use of a black undercoat on his figures is easliy seen here.
French artillery in support of their infantry. Jon has modelled one gun as having already taken a little counter battery fire.
Hey, this hand keeps appearing and re-positioning the French Marines!!!
Jon's infantry took one of the game objectives, and advanced past in pursuit of a struggling German Regiment.The divisional command stand (identified with the French flag) can be seen in the background.
Jon's high-lighting technique can be seen clearly on these figures.
Cyclist troops, converted using the Airfix cyclists, and cyclists from an airfield maintenance set, with head swaps
Above, a close-up of the Irregular French 75s. The central gun has been modellled to represent a gun having taken fire. Below some of Jon's French Marines.
The photo above shows some of Jon's French, accompanied by several BEF brigades, in the attack against a German regiment holding a dominant wood on the wargames table. The 1914 uniforms stand out clearly on the table top (as they no doubt did on the real battle field).
A close up of the 1914 French, conversions from Foreign Legion figures. Below are two stands of French divisional cavalry  reconnoitring in front of the advancing infantry regiments.

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