New Zealand's Solar Car in the 2007 Panasonic World Solar Challenge

Solar Car Teams - 2007

Team Name
Car Number
Class Country
University of Michigan 2 Challenge United States
Nuon Solar Team 3 Challenge Netherlands
Helios 4 Challenge France
Leeming Senior High School 5 Adventure Australia
University College London 007 Challenge UK
Umicore Solar Team 8 Challenge Belgium
Heliox Solar Team 10 Challenge Switzerland
FH Bochum Solar Car Team 11 Challenge Germany
Persian Gazelle 12 Adventure Iran
Kormilda College 13 Adventure Australia
Willeton 14 Adventure Australia
Stanford 16 Adventure United States
Houston Solar Car Race Team 18 Adventure United States
Solar Team Amsterdam Withdrawn Withdrawn Netherlands
HelioDet 20 Adventure Germany
Solar Team Twente 21 Challenge Netherlands
University of Waterloo 24 Challenge Canada
Kansas State University Withdrawn Challenge United States
Aurora Vehicle Association 30 Adventure Australia
Solar Fern 35 Adventure NZ
Gwawr 41 Challenge Wales
Uludao University Withdrawn Adventure Turkey
Phoenix Solar Car Team 43 Adventure Taiwan
UNSW Solar Racing Team 49 Adventure Australia
Esteban 55 Adventure Canada
TAFE SA 62 Adventure Australia
University of Calgary 65 Challenge Canada
Blue Sky Solar Racing 77 Adventure Canada
Sunspeed 80 Challenge France
Ashiya University 81 Adventure Japan
Team Sinag 88 Challenge Philippines
Uni Technology Malaysia 91 Adventure Malaysia
Swisspirit 92 Challenge Switzerland
Techno Energie 93 Challenge Senegal
University of Malaya 94 Adventure Malaysia
Team Solaris 95 Challenge India
Sunstang 96 Challenge Canada
Salesian Polytechnic 97 Adventure Japan/Philippines
Hachinohe Institute of Tech 98 Adventure Japan
Aviva Southern Aurora 99 Adventure Australia
Queens University 100 Challenge Canada
Aurora Vehicle Association 101 Challenge Australia
McMaster Solar Car Project Withdrawn Withdrawn Canada
Nanyang Technological University 168 Challenge Singapore
USB Solar 206 Challenge Venezuela
Oregon State University 256 Challenge United States
Uchile-Conecta 850 Challenge Chile

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