VK/Trans-Tasman Contest

The trans-Tasman CW & digital contests are now combined with the 160m Phone contest

2012 Contest Dates

80m Phone : 12 May 2012

160m Phone + 80m and 160m CW & Digital : 21 July 2012

0800-1400UTC (best 5 hours out of 6)

RULES and all other 2012 details can be found on the WIA Trans-Tasman contest page

VKCL contest logging software.

2009 CW & Digital Contest Results

CW decoder software


VKCL has been updated to cover the new rules.

The old VK/trans-Tasman website is no longer working. The WIA page is now the official contest page.

Rob Glassey, ZL3AKM, has now become the new contest manager for all the trans-Tasman contests from 2012.

All logs should be sent to the email or postal address shown in the rules. The email address remains the same: vktasman at hot mail dot com

The 80m phone contest remains much the same with some changes to contact points tables and the way groups are formed. The participation factor has been relpaced by changes in the points tables.

The 160m Phone and both 80m and 160m CW and Digital trans-Tasman contests have been combined on a single evening and includes single band and mode categories, right through to dual band multi-multi categories, and to increase activity and provide more operating fun for everyone!

I am hoping that by combining both 80m and 160m CW and Digital contests together, and holding them on the same night as the 160m phone, more stations will operate more modes, and the extra activity will encourage more station be active on the night.

I hope to catch you all on the air!

Trans-Tasman contest manager

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