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July 2007

Well it’s winter in Welli, and time for a quick update. After my adventures in Australia with the NZ Team (read the August issue of NZ Endurance Sport Magazine for my take on the last trip…) I had expected to be either traveling to the USA for a trip with the Jazz Apples team or to Mexico for the Junior Worlds, but sad to say both trips fell over for me due to budgetary constraints. I know the Jazz Apples did a fantastic job, and I expect the Juniors I worked with in Aussie to also step up on the world stage, so best of luck to them! I’m hoping to be asked to do more work for BikeNZ over the summer season, as I have really enjoyed the experiences I have shared with the various riders and team personnel I was fortunate enough to work with…

I have definitely been making the most of my time at home though; the shop is ticking over nicely considering the average weather NZ has been enduring this winter, and I have been having fun working on some cool projects. I have become the official bike builder for Bike Fixation ( who are the NZ importers of the very fine Lynskey titanium range of frames. David from BF also imports Alpha Q carbon forks as used by CSC. Check out the website for more info and revel in the incredible prices David offers this beautiful kit at. I will also be carrying a frame or built up Lynskey, as well as a few sets of wheels, so stop by and check them out if you have a minute…

Hopefully, whether it’s on some custom bling or your trusty old beast, you are all able to get out on your bikes this winter – perhaps even inspired by this years exciting Tour de France! I look forward to seeing some of you soon. Please get in touch if you need any work done on your precious steeds, as I am here and available should you need me, or feel free to stop by if you are riding in the neighbourhood.

Pedal on, Oli

March 18th 2007

I have returned from a fantastic Tour of Duty in Geelong and the Tour of New Zealand, so I thought a lengthy update would be in order...

My NZ Team experience began with a four day High Performance Camp in Auckland in Feb. This was a chance for those of us not part of the team previously to meet and begin to familiarise ourselves with the expectations and culture of the team. Marina and Meshy raced in a crit on the waterfront that night, which was a chance for me to get used to standing around holding spare wheels and talking shite with my boss Chris Drake. The girls raced A Grade with the men and were right up there. The next day was full of lectures and a morning roll around Devonport, which Chris and I followed/led in the van. The evening was time for the Devonport Crit, which was held on a cool circuit with full road closures and in conjunction with the men's race. Marina won the women's event with a perfectly timed late attack on the advice of Team Manager Susy Pryde. The next morning we drove down to Morrinsville (me in a 3 tonne truck!!) to begin the Bev Mays Tour. This was a 2 day tour that went great for us, with Cath Cheatley winning her first ever mountains title and Toni Bradshaw winning the overall. A quick drive back up to Auckland, then home for a week or two, including watching my good friend Tim Wilding (Santa Cruz/Pearl Izumi/Roadworks) obtain a fine 3rd place in the MTB Nationals on Mt Victoria...

The real trip began with an early morning flight out of Wellington to Melbourne, where the 2 NZ Elite Women's Teams met up for a drive to our hotel in Geelong, about 60km outside of Melbourne. We settled in then my co-mechanic Kris Withington (Grom) and I set up outside to give the 11 bikes an initial fettle. The riders had been divided into two teams, BikeNZ and Team Kiwi - effectively NZ A and B teams. Grom took the A team and me the B girls, although we swapped around as required with no preciousness at all. The BikeNZ team was Sarah Ulmer, Meshy Holt, Toni Bradshaw, Mitch Hyland, Rushlee Buchanan and Marina Duvnjak, and Team Kiwi consisted of Gina Waibl, Annalies Basten, Brei Gudsell, Sarah Murdoch and Kerri-Anne Torckler. We had to bucket clean the bikes, as Geelong was on a Grade 4 water restriction due to severe drought which meant Aus$1000 instant fines for using hoses. This made things a tad more difficult but we coped fine using elbow grease. After that we repaired to the bar for a few Carlton Draughts - something that became a bit of a nightly habit!

The next day we were up early to have a quick breakfast then pack the bikes into our truck for a drive to a pretty seaside town called Portarlington. We started the day with a Time Trial which was won by US team Colvita's Dotsie Bowden, with our top finisher Team Kiwi's Annalies Basten. We had a lunchbreak then the afternoon held a criterium on the same circuit used in the Bay Crit series earlier in the summer. This was won by legendary rider Ina-Yoko Teutenberg of T-Mobile, with Nicole Cook taking purple leaders jersey through time bonuses. Our women were in some breaks but finished down the results.

The next day held a tough stage from Lara to Lara, with the feared climb of Mt Wallace to deal with. This required much cassette changing the night before, and 27s were much in demand! BikeNZ had some bad luck on this stage with Sarah and Rush going down early, then Marina having a hideous crash later on that dislocated her shoulder. The climb was truly evil with several girls being forced to walk up it's steepest pitches! All our riders made the front split, although a break had gone up the road. This was later reeled in and Teutenberg won again, with Cooke retaining the jersey. Poor Marina was taken to hospital in an ambulance, but luckily her shoulder popped back in and she was able to recover very swiftly over the next few days.

The final stage was held in picturesque Barwon Heads, and was essentially a seaside kermesse with only the wind and crashes making anything happen in the race. We had more bad luck with Rush crashing again, and Sarah being held up by the crash. Some excellent pacing by Annalies and Brei got her back up again but too late to do much. Veteran sprinter Tina Pic took the stage for the third consecutive time, with Cooke (Raleigh-Lifeforce) winning the Tour overall.

Back to the hotel for the daily wash-down of the bikes and to sort out the crash damage. Time for the hammer to come out! The next day was a rest day, so time for us to cruise a bit and even shop for a platypus for Bodhi and some treats for the rest of the family. A team dinner at a Mexican restaurant was a great way for us all to get to know each other a bit better, along with a chance to see how much food the girls can put away! Impressive...

Our last day was the big day. The first round of the UCI Women's World Cup. A chance to pick up valuable UCI ranking points and to find out how we are doing in relation to the top riders in the world. It turned out to be business as usual for the talented Nicole Cooke, but only after a long breakaway containing Meshy was reeled in by T-Mobile, who must have been dark they blew the finish so badly! Meshy being in the break was a bit of fantastic riding by her, as half a lap before she had been off the back with a wheel issue. Susy and Grom had had to leave the race to take poor Mitch to hospital after a nasty crash that resulted in stitches to her hip, so I was first to Meshy. We sorted the wheel and Sarah was waiting to pace her back on, so I gave them both a shove and they took off. The radio coverage was sporadic, so the next thing we hear is Meshy is off the front! A great effort by her and Sarah, but yet again to no avail. Jo Keisanowski was the only Kiwi in the top 10, with Cath Cheatley in 17th the only other Kiwi to pick up points, neither of whom were riding for NZ on the day. We had to do a mad pack-up to make our plane later that afternoon, then a cramped flight back to NZ followed by a hotel debacle that left our riders locked out and deeply unhappy for half the night, and left me at the airport with all the bikes until 2.30am. If Sarah hadn't tried to take the shuttle van I would have been standing there all night!

Back home to the family for a night, then straight into helping prepare for the Tour of New Zealand (really Wellington and the Wairarapa...). We had a couple of changes to the teams, with the A Team being renamed Trust House and the Bs being called Samsung, as well as Sarah Murdoch dropping out to get married, and Meshy to do track nationals. Rush moved into Samsung, and Jo Keisanowski replaced Meshy in Trust House. Also, Sarah Ulmers partner Brendon Cameron took over as A mechanic from Grom, who is back in France as mechanic for the European Training Centre. Brendon, or Doon as he is called, and I got stuck into the work all day Tuesday to be ready for Wednesday's opening crit around Avalon. This was won (of course) by Ina-Yoko Teutenberg with Jo K our best finisher in 4th. Poor Sarah is suffering badly from her as yet undiagnosed back/leg problem, meaning she is effectively pedalling with one leg - still world class though...

Stage 2 required an early morning drive over the Rimutaka's to Martinborough for a roll-out from the square. This was a tough stage with so many attacks it was incredible. One of the best days racing I have ever been privileged to watch. The stage finished in Masterton after several tough climbs, and was won by T-Moble again in the shape of Oenone Wood from our own Jo K after a break was reeled in 5km from the line. No real disasters today, but the teams clearly aren't firing on all cylinders. Doon and I had the onerous task of having to wash and service the bikes by the pool of the most excellent Copthorne Solway Park hotel, while the worlds top women riders made full use of the chance to have a dip. I'm starting to like this job...

Stage 3 was a rather boring procession over rolling but very pretty countryside, finishing at Gladstone Pub, where we took the chance to imbibe of a couple of ales while the debrief took place. The temperature was hotter than anything we experienced in Aussie at around 30 degrees, and the girls just seemed to be tired from the day before and readying themselves for Stage 4. Oenone won again, but the good news for us was that Marina took the points jersey!

Stage 4 was dreaded by the riders due to the inclusion of the 11km Admirals Hill summit finish, but Susy and Chris discovered on a recce the evening before that the whole stage was up and down, so the riders would be fragged even before they got to Admirals. Due to needing all the transport at the finish, I was given the job of taking the truck to the feedzone and feeding the Samsung team, while soigneur Seah Martin did her usual awesome job of feeding Trust House, so I didn't get to see the stage from the convoy. The girls came past chasing down a break which got caught in time for another to form including '05 World Champion Judith Arndt, who won the stage by 1.40, with Sarah in 8th and the consistently high finisher Gina finishing in 11th and moving into 10th overall and top NZ team rider! Another quick pack-up and drive back to town to get ready for the next mornings Time Trial around Scorching Bay.

This was held on a windy but fine day, and was won by QAS rider and Olympic Champion, Sara Carrigan. As Gina was in the top 10 overall, Susy, Chris and I followed her in the car. She pulled out an incredible TT to retain her standings, which was a fantastic effort! We then lounged around by the beach until we made the drive into town for the final crit around a cool circuit consisting of a hot-dog up and down Lambton Quay, with a loop of Ballance and Stout Streets. Poor Marina was fried from a combination of day in-day out hard riding and the after effects of her bad crash in Aussie, so we had a three way team plan to work out. She was followed closely by three Aussies then Sarah in 5th, so every point was vital. First plan was to keep Marina in the jersey by getting a break up the road to swallow the points, then second plan was to get Sarah into the jersey by any means possible, with the other objective getting Jo K the stage win. As it transpired, Marina didn't have the legs to retain her jersey despite her heroic fighting over the last few days, so Sarah took it upon herself to do what she could - luckily for us that is a lot! Despite hardly being near the top of her game, she was able to forge a mini break behind solo leader Teutenberg and take enough points to take the points jersey herself, giving the team something to show for two difficult and bad luck plagued weeks.

Then we had to quickly say our goodbyes and get everyone to the airport, where everyone split to different directions...It was a fantastic experience for me, with many highlights. Firstly, working with the amazing Susy Pryde and her cool husband Chris Drake. Secondly, being tutored in the ways of race wrenching by Grom and Doon was great for me getting up to speed on the requirements of the job - their patience and unselfish sharing of knowledge will always be appreciated. Working with all the women was also very rewarding. They are all special and great to work with, although I have to single out Sarah Ulmer as being super inspirational to be around. Despite carrying a potentially career ending injury, despite crashing a few times, despite the racing not going at all well for the team, she was always composed, friendly, unselfish and showed why she is such a beloved champion. I am proud to call all these people my friends, after sharing this great experience...

After this trip it's back to Roadworks for a while, but in April (25/26th?) I am away with the NZ Junior Road team to do the Tour of Canberra and Moobar Tour, along with the Oceania Road Champs. I should be back on deck from the 8th of May. Then in early July I am heading away to Colorado, then on to the Junior World Road Championships in Aguascalientes, Mexico. I will be back in NZ sometime after they conclude on the 12th of August.

I will endeavour to keep you all updated as plans become clear...Thanks for reading! All the best, Oli

5th of February 2007

Hi folks! Another all too irregular update, but at least it's been so long for good reasons this time! It's been a very busy year with major renovations to the house, work being flat out, and all the usual stuff that keeps us all so busy in life.

In September last year I was lucky enough to be selected as one of four mechanics at the Rotorua Mountainbike World Championships. It was one of the greatest professional highpoints of my life. My co-mechs were Declan Cox of Wellington, Tony Morgan and Matt Keen, both of Hamilton (Tony now in Christchurch), plus an extra big assist from my good friend Paul Larkin (BikeNZ Logistics Assistant Manager). Tony and I were designated XC wrenches, while Dec and Matt looked after the big bikes, although we all covered each other when required. With the largest cycling team (72 athletes!) of any code ever assembled, we worked an average of 18 hours a day for 10 days straight, but had so much fun doing that it seemed almost (but not quite!) effortless...

We were stoked that we had zero mechanicals among the XC athletes (I don't think any major ones for the DH boys either, although they did have to build a few rapid wheels!), and I think the athletes appreciated our work. The sore head and still full wallet after the final night's partying made me think so anyway!

Some highlights for me were working on the bikes of great New Zealand Champions such as Kashi Leuchs, Robyn Wong, Rosara Joseph, Jenny Smith, Stu Houltham, Wayne Hiscock, Mark "Cabin" Leishman and Tim Wilding, among many others. I was particularly proud that Hisky, Cabin and Tim rode superlight wheels I had built for them. I also got to meet many awesome overseas stars of the world of MTB, such as Steve Peat, Thomas Frishknecht, Alison Sydor, Geoff Kabush, Nathan Rennie, Brian Lopes, Cedric Gracia, Jill Kintner and many more. Watching the 4x Finals was very cool, especially as I got to see my great mate John Kirkaldie pull off one of the greatest rides of the day, only for him to be unluckily DQed. People will talk about his comeback from last to second and his sick moves for years!

The camaraderie among all the teams was a revelation, as it was within the New Zealand Team, and also the way the various nation's support staff were willing to help each other at a moments notice was very rewarding...

At this point, I'd like to say how fantastic a job the organisers did. It was an incredible undertaking that was pulled off with style. All the athletes, support staff and fans I talked to were blown away by the event, the courses, the racing, and Rotorua itself put on a great show. Thanks to all the volunteers, too.

This great enterprise has now led me to a new adventure. My bosses at Rotorua, Susy Pryde and her husband Chris Drake, have recruited me to the NZ Elite Women's High Performance Programme. This means I will be in Auckland and Morrinsville early in February for a High Performance Camp and the Bev Mays Tour, then I will be lucky enough to be travelling to Australia at the end of this month to work with the women at the Geelong Tour and first World Cup round, followed by the Women's Tour of NZ at the start of March. I am also going to be doing some cool work overseas later in the year, but I won't talk about that until it's all signed and sealed.

For the moment, this means I won't be around between February the 6th to the 12th, then February the 24th and March the 12th while I'm in Oz and on the NZ Tour. Hopefully, I'll even be able to get the odd ride in!

Thanks for reading and CU soon, Oli

3rd of May 2006

Hi folks! Another way too sporadic update!

After several months of inadvertently inflicting severe head injuries on any client who dared to venture into the dank recesses of the Cave, I have fluked a lovely clean and bright workshop (with ample headroom) close to home - very close, in fact!

Having found this convenient and very suitable new space has clarified my ideas about what Roadworks means to me, and hopefully to you too. I've spent considerable time running through several different options, and after much careful thought I have decided my business should remain essentially a slightly sifty underground repair-only outlet, so apologies to any of you who were hoping for me to go full retail!

I always have a lot of stuff going on in my life and my wife is working part-time, so we're sharing the responsibility of the household/children stuff. Also, I am trying to broaden my horizons a tad, so fixing bikes 40 hours a week just isn't practical or desirable for me right now...

I will mainly be available by appointment, but will be attempting to be in the workshop between the hours of 9.30 and 3 Monday to Thursday, and noon till 6 on Fridays. Please ring first though to avoid coming all this way to find me out riding (yeah, right!).

I look forward to catching up with any of my old regulars who are still prepared to put up with me, and I also look forward to meeting any new clients who are keen to try an alternative to the traditional Local Bike Shop format.

Please note that I still have access to all the best wholesalers in NZ, so if you need something please try me for a price before you order offshore. I can't promise to beat all the great deals out there but if I can come close I'll try. I won't be stocking bling gear, but with a couple of days notice I can obtain virtually anything your bike desires...

Thanks, folks! (and thanks to Deb and Wheels for the site update!)

All the very best, Oli

Oli Brooke-White
ROADWORKS Cycle Repairs
Follow the arrows under the house at
59 Waripori Street
Berhampore 6002
027 603 6786

P.S. In other news, I am very proud to announce that I have been selected by BikeNZ to be one of four mechanics wrenching for the New Zealand Team at the UCI Mountain Bike Championships, being held in Rotorua 22-27 August 2006 ( I am looking forward to being a part of this showcase event that will bring the very best of the World's mountainbikers right to the people of NZ...


12th of November 2005

Well it's been a while, to put it mildly! Sorry to those of you who have had to endure my sorry tale of woe for so long, but the truth is that I simply haven't had any good news to replace it with.

Until now.

I am finally ready to announce that I will be gradually and carefully getting Roadworks back up and running again.

My shoulder is almost completely healed, and I am fizzing to get back to doing the work that I love so much, so now I need to get myself and my family back into the position where we can fully commit ourselves to Roadworks again...

I will only be doing repairs on a limited basis from my workshop under my house, but with a view to growing the business over time.

I welcome any and all of your work now, but please bear in mind that I will not be able to take more than a few bikes a week at first, so advance bookings will be essential! This is due to space limitations, but also because I am simply not quite ready yet to be churning the work out to the same degree that I was prior to my interface with Mt Victoria.

Anyway, the Past is the Past, as my Uncle Anatole used to say, so it's all forwards from here for this Grimy Wrench! I look forward to catching up with those of you who I haven't had the chance to see over the last 10 months or so...

Love the Dirt. Love the Tar, Baby!

CU on the Bike, Oli

17th of March 2005

To all the friends and supporters of Roadworks,

Firstly, I want to say from the bottom of my heart thanks for your all your concern and support - it's been much appreciated...

I'm afraid the news as far as the shop goes isn't good, though. After my latest visit to my rehab specialist, he's determined that the nerve damage I sustained in the crash is more severe than first thought, and it isn't repairing itself as fast as it might. It turns out I may even need an operation to repair some damaged muscles and tendons that weren't diagnosed initially.

This means that I'm going to have to officially close the shop, as my energy has run out for keeping the premises in the hope that I'll be back soon when I'm still clearly months away from being able to ply my trade, even if I don't end up needing surgery.

As you may also be aware, this is the second closure of several months in the last financial year, which has placed me in an untenable financial position and rendered me unable to afford to keep this incarnation of Roadworks going.

I am going to treat this as a positive, however, and use the off-season to recuperate my shoulder, ride my bike (carefully!) then think about coming back in spring in some shape or form.

I know everyone would like me to keep the shop going, and of course I want that more than anyone, but I have to be realistic. I have to take the time to recover properly, and stressing about getting back to work as fast as possible isn't making that happen any sooner. If I was to go back, it would be straight into the quiet time of the year when I actually need to be
cranking at Summer volume just to keep on top of things.

If you have any property in my care contact me, or I will contact you, and we'll arrange to return it to you.

I will keep you all posted about the future of Roadworks when I know myself...

Once again, thanks for everything and all the very best, Oli

8th of March 2005

Roadworks team member Alex "The Maniac" Tashkoff finishing the Karipoti

14th of February 2005

Hi guys,

I know rumours have been going around about my shutting down Roadworks completely, but that isn't going to be the case. I'm probably to blame for starting them, as my initial diagnosis was that it would be 3-4 months before I would be able to work, so I was very pessimistic about my future. This initial diagnosis has proved unfounded and everything looks good for me to be back on deck in a short time.

At this stage I am looking at getting Roadworks back under way in around the next three weeks, depending on my Doctors say-so...No bookings just yet, though!!!

I have been very lucky to receive the best news possible for an injury such as mine, and that is that I'll have no long term effects and should be back to full strength very quickly, so I aim to take advantage of my rapid healing.

I will keep you all posted...

Thanks for all the get well soon messages, and the massive support you'veall been sending me. They have all helped my recovery immensely.

Cheers, Oli

11th of February 2005

Hi there. I thought I'd better post an update...As I said in the last notice, the damage is a broken scapula, several ribs and associated muscle and nerve damage... I've had some doozy crashes over the years - sliding out at 70kph on the road, 3 metre launches into space off-road, sprinting into the back of a parked car in a race, see-saw incidents, top-tube surfing stupidity, not to mention countless other inane accidents, but I've never hurt myself so badly as on a gentle evening ride with my sons!! A hidden hole in some grass on Mt Vic caused me to do a very rapid OTB manoeuvre and, according to an eyewitness, I only saved my head and neck from a drilling by tuck-and-rolling and slamming onto my shoulder.
Consequently, I'm feeling a strange blend of sorry for myself and realisation that I'm very, very lucky at the same time.

At this point, I'd like to thank the aforementioned anonymous eyewitness for helping to scrape me up. I'd also like to thank Adrian Heke for assisting me down the hill to my rendezvous with Jacq, the Holden and A&E. The two people I'd like to praise the most though are my 11 and 9 year old sons Kester and Harry who had to ride all the way home to get Jacq, as I didn't have my cellphone with me (I know, I know!). This involved them riding across Newtown in rush hour - no mean feat! They displayed cool heads in a crisis, and followed the Emergency Plan to the letter...Well done, Boys!!!

I started Physio on the 10th of February, and removed my immobility sling the same day. We're still not certain how long it's going to take me to come back, as a lengthy rehab looks likely, but it's going to be at least 3 more weeks, and probably more like 4-6 realistically. This is lots better than my original prognosis, but we're not out of the woods yet. We're still hoping to hang onto Roadworks, but it's proving financially less and less viable by the day, so we're thinking it might be better for the family to shut down now, cut our losses and make yet another comeback later in the year. Of course I'll let you all know what's happening right here, so check in from time to time...

Keep pedalling! Oli

26th January, 2005

Hi people,

I'm afraid I have some bad news for my friends and customers. I am out of action as far as riding or repairing bikes goes for at least 3-4 months. I have badly broken my scapula and several ribs in a bad crash on Mt Vic last night, and have been told it's 3-4 months before I can work and 6-9 months before I'll regain full use of my right arm. At this stage the immediate future of Roadworks is uncertain and I'm going to have to totally re-evaluate my situation over the coming weeks. If you have further questions, contact me on

Cheers to you all...CU, Oli

12th of January, 2005

New bike of the month - Paul Larkin's newly built up Teschner looks awesome. Paul is looking pretty sharp too, in his Roadworks jersey!

5th of December, 2004

A date that will echo forever in the Hall of Fame of Roadworks. Team Roadworks won the vets section of the Makara Peak Rally Creek to Peak MTB event this year! Thanks heaps to Race Organiser John Randal for taking time out from caring for many cold and muddy mountainbikers to be my team-mate. He laid down such a scorching second lap that he pulled us up into first place. I haven't won a bike race of any kind since 1986 so I'm fully buzzing!

It was hard conditions out there - a cold southerly started dumping rain on us at the start so it was slippery slurry on the top of the whole course, which made it interesting and dirty, but very fun. Congratulations to all the competitors both in the Creek to Peak and, later in the day, the much tougher Tour de Peak.

Both races made for a truly great event despite the challenging conditions. Roadworks was one of the sponsors this year, and I'm going to make it an ongoing sponsorship. The job the Makara Peak Supporters do on our behalf is absolutely awesome, and they have created one of (if not the) finest mountainbiking resources in New Zealand, and I consider it an honour to be able to assist in a small way...

Thanks for reading. CU, Oli

20 November, 2004

Roadworks is go!

I'm proud and pleased to announce the opening of the new Roadworks at 8am on Monday the 22nd of November 2004. Please pop in and pay me a visit, even if you don't need any work done at the moment. The new phone number is 389 3340.

I look forward to hopefully seeing you all at some time soon. Thanks for your patience while waiting for me to get this off the ground...

All the best, Oli

12 November, 2004

I'll tell you a bit about the new Roadworks. It's at 199 Rintoul St Berhampore, and it's a cool little shop. As I said in my last post, I'm not going to change the basic premise of Roadworks. That is I'm not going to suddenly become a full-on retail outlet. I'm happy being a workshop with parts available, so I'm not going to be full of new bikes. I do hope to
stock a bit more of the sort of things that you may need for keeping your steeds running smoothly, but I'm the wrong place to come if you just want to look at expensive knick-knacks! Saying that, there is a comfy new couch (thanks John!), and there will be magazines both old and new to peruse if you need a sifting destination... I'm confident that you will like the new shop, even if it's a bit out of town. There are bus stops right outside, and buses heading into town every 12-15 minutes, so post drop-off transport isn't too much of a drama. Plus the new hours are going to make it a little easier for you all to fit me in to your busy lives...

All the best, and remember Old School Rules! Oli

How the new shop would look with a big Roadworks sign

September 2004:

Roadworks customer Richard Tait (right), with Dario Pegoretti, framebuilder to the stars. Photo taken in Italy, 2004.


Photo ©: Tim Maloney/

Pegoretti custom frames, such as the one pictured above, are available from Roadworks.

21st of June 2004:

Dear friends and customers of Roadworks,

It is with some regret, and also some anticipation, that I wish to announce the closure of my shop effective from Friday the 25th of June 2004. I will be returning in new premises after taking some time out to re-consolidate. The reason for me closing right now is the effect working in the garage is having on my health. I have had at least one major health meltdown every winter since I opened up, all of which have been caused by the complete inability to heat the shop when the cold weather hits. I feel I need to find a work environment that is more conducive to my health, and enables me to stave off the small colds that can become big problems in a sub-zero shed.

I'm sure many of you will agree that things aren't working that smoothly at the moment anyway. I want to find a place that is reasonably handy to town, but that is closer to my home and family too. Some basic amenities that a garage can't offer wouldn't go amiss either...

My wife Jacq and I are in the process of working out a way to make sure that when I come back my hours will be much more handy for you all, and that there will be systems in place to ensure that my work, and your repairs, aren't disrupted so much by the family crises that seem to befall the Brooke-Whites on an all too regular basis!

Rest assured that the flavour of Roadworks won't be changing much at all. I will be making sure that my focus is still on the service and repairs that have given me the niche that I occupy in Wellingtons cycling scene.

I'm very grateful to you all for helping me do the work I love. Thank you all for your business, support and friendship over the last few years in Holloway Road, and I look forward to announcing the Mark 2 Roadworks very soon...

Cheers, Oli

In remembrance of the old workshop and for your virtual sifting pleasure: a panoramic view....
The workshop

5th of May 2004:

Well, after the busiest summer ROADWORKS has ever had things are starting to mellow out a bit. I'm still ticking over nicely, but the jobs are spread out in a more even and relaxing fashion.

I'm taking the down-time as a chance to catch up with heaps of stuff that goes by the wayside when things go berserk around here, like fixing all the damage that Karapoti did to my bike!

This means that I'm officially adopting the Winter Sifty Hours of 10-ish to 3-ish. Many of you may say that's an increase on my Summer hours, but I can't help that! I advise you to ring before coming up. Even more than usual...

When I'm not working, or hanging out with Jacq and Bodhi, I'll be trying to get in plenty of MTB rides with my two eldest sons, Kester and Harry. We love riding on Makara Peak MTB Park...The Kennetts and Co, and those good people who are carrying on their awesome work, have built us all an incredible playground! The boys love to go up Koru, along Sally Alley (especially the hot new section!), back the same way then down SWIGG and Starfish. For boys of 10 and 8 this is a challenging, but totally do-able, ride. Fantastic! I feel so lucky to be able to share my sport with my children, without having to push them at all...

Hope all your wheels are turning smoothly. All the best, Oli

8th of March 2004:

Team Roadworks!I would like to congratulate all my friends and customers for their awesome efforts in the Karapoti and in Ironman…It is always rewarding to see all your hard work and training come to fruition. I hope you all got what you wanted out of your race…I know I sure did!

Karapoti Classic 50k
Pro-Elite Men
3rd Chris Burr 2:35:11; 21st Rob Harrow 3:04:57; 33rd Les Montgomery 3:19:25; 40th Paul Minehan 3:23:39; 42nd Dave Hicks (Roadworks)3:25:33; 50th Geoff Tilbrook 3:33:53
4th Jo Forbes 3:26:06
Master 1 Men
3rd Alistair Quinn 3:01:18; 40th Scott Gulliver 3:34:47; 172nd Jason Satherley 4:21:52; 220th Jose Ubiaga 4:44:15
Karipoti StartMaster 2 Men
23rd Martin Lewington 3:36:51; 32nd Lance Des Landes 3:46:39; 69th Oli Brooke-White (Roadworks) 4:11:42
Master 3 Men
10th Hans Van Der Voorn 3:52:36; 13th Brent Harrison 4:04:28
Single Speed Men
2nd Craig Starnes 3:05:15
Karapti Challenge 20k
1st John Randal (Roadworks) 1:05:28

Ironman NZ
74th Kevin Nicholson 10.06.47, 150th Nick Vaughan 10.37.10, 178th Tim Robertson 10.46.38, 180th Kevin Crowley 10.46.54, 265th Lloyd Vaughan 11.10.43, 344th Suzette Nicholson 11.31.43, 410th Jay Neill 11.47.47, 463rd Adam Rigby 11.58.26, 464th Matt Gerstenberger 11.58.42, 477th Brit Schlagowski 12.01.50, 502nd Andrew Fraser 12.09.57, 565th Richard Sweetman 12.23.25, 583rd Richard Tait 12.27.39, 619th Andy Wood 12.36.41, 626th Mark Wright 12.38.31

I'm so proud of you all…If I have left anyone out, please forgive me and let me know and I will place you in the Roadworks Hall of Fame.
Cheers to you all, Oli


March 2004:

Roadworks Team Kit available now!







January 2004 :


Ralf Hawleys' beautiful custom Serotta Legend TI-Built Jan '04.

January 2004 :

Alex TashkoffBefore Xmas, Roadworks rider Alex Tashkoff appeared in the Western News newspaper:

"On the Beaten Track: Roadworks team member Alex Tashkoff is all grins after finishing the arduous 11kn Creek to Peak race at the 2003 Makara Peak Bike Rally at the weekend. The event, which is the third to be held at the park, consisted of two races, and rally director John Randal says interest is increasing each year. "The Tour de Peak race, which is for the more fitter and experienced riders, attracted 79 competitors - 25 more than in 2001," Randal says. Funds raised from the rally will support volunteers who have helped turn the gorse-covered farm into an award-winning mountain bike park.

Creek To PeakMount Victoria resident Jason McCarty won the men's Tour de Peak race in two hours, one minute, while Newtown rider Robin Wong won the woman's race in two hours and 18 minutes. She also came 7th overall.

For information about Makara peak and the supporters club, visit"


Although he didn't make it to print, we thought you'd like to also see the other half of the ROADWORKS team, Oli, shralving the Starfish vert.


20 March 2002 - Oli featured in The Evening Post:

Roadworks saddles up extreme riders

Business reporter

Mountain bikers are renowned for exploring the back of beyond and for many Wellington riders when it comes to servicing their machines it's no different.

Off the beaten track, in a garage at the end of rustic Holloway Rd, Te Aro, is the workshop of choice for "extreme" cyclists.

Roadworks is the brainchild of Oli Brooke-White, 38, who after nine years fixing bikes for the now-defunct Cycle Services on Cuba St, set up on his own.

"I've been involved in the cycle industry since 1979 and two years ago it was the right time to go into business in my own right," Mr Brooke-White said. ". . . it is a good feeling to get there on your own reputation."

Turnover had doubled this year compared with his first.

"I definitely have developed a niche with the full-on extreme riders," he says. "For example, I work on bikes for the Coast to Coast [race], 24 hour races and I had six bikes in the recent Mizone Endurance [race from Bluff to Cape Reinga]."

His growing reputation, fuelled purely by word-of-mouth, has sparked inquiries from throughout New Zealand and even a couple from Scotland and the Netherlands.

"But because I spend a lot of time with my boys, Kester and Harry, I only work 25 hours a week which means I'm constantly turning away customers," he said. His garage workshop in Holloway Rd is always in demand.

"My customers love coming up here and often drop in on lunchtime rides. I think they like the fact that I'm off the beaten track and they can tell people about their mechanic - `a guy in a garage in the middle of nowhere'."

Garage Brand – Specialist cycle repairer Oli Brooke-White in his Holloway Road workshop. (Photo: Ross Giblin)

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