After browsing the web for a while now, I have compiled a list of links that have contained good images or good data or both. Either way they are worth a look. If there are any other sites you feel might be worth looking into, let me know by dropping a line to the Club at the address below. PS: Let me know if there are any dead links here ASAP so I can sort them out.

Suppliers of Gaming Stuff
Iconix This local store has been one of our valued supporters and suppliers of gaming equipment for a number of years. Contact Stuart Packer at the store for details.
Games Workshop, for all those WH40K and Fantasy bits - Sites in the
States, Australia and the UK. GHQ in the States have the most detailed microarmour I've ever seen. Heroics and Ros, makers of models of all periods. Gaming stuff in general can be found at Spirit Games in the UK They also have the Ral Partha Range of Battle Mechs.
BattleFront in Auckland supply all the traditional gear. Another supplier of historic figures and microarmour here in New Zealand is Nick Grant of Canterbury Miniatures, Nick also has a range of 20mm plastic figures on a separate site.
I also got an email from Canada.
Woodrow Wall runs Woodrow's War Store and offers an Internet order system from his website. Lots of interesting links there also.  Alpha Miniatures do 28mm World War II figures.  Nicely detailed and a good size for skirmish gaming. Contact Aaron Brown.
Ral Partha are back, this time in Europe.  Figures for Battletech, Crimson Skies, Vor, Crucible and others.

New Zealand Clubs
Wellington Warlords, Hamilton Immortals (no current website), North Shore Wargames Club, Auckland Wargaming Club, South Auckland Miniatures Wargames Club, Christchurch Wargaming Society, Hutt Valley Wargamers, Otago Miniature Tacticians Society, Manawatu Miniature Strategists, Tauranga Wargaming Club, Waitakere Miniature Wargames Society.

Sites with a Wargaming Flavour
Our own Kerry Marshall and his own site dedicated to Wargaming in HB with a definite Modern flavour. Check out his Battle Report section and House Rules for Challenger 2000. Adeptus Australasia is a site with lots of 40K stuff and a player search engine. Add your own name to the list. The Wargamer: This site caters for gamers of all genre and has a great links page. Fanatic Games is a Games Workshop site worth checking out. Followers of Warmaster will find a dedicated site. Also try The Black Library for GW stuff.  The New Zealand Wargamers Resource site.
Forge World is a great site for 40K stuff like kit accessories.  U-Boat.net, presents lots of info about (what else…) German Untersee Boats, or U-Boats.
Canvas Eagles! A World War I aerial set of rules.  Looks pretty good!

Sites with a Military Flavour
Royal New Zealand Army, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Royal New Zealand Navy: Our own country's defense forces have really good sites worth a look. The British Army has an excellent site as does the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy. The US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Navy and US Army have vastly informative sites with zillions of links.  Military Gamer Online, a very useful site.  Warships on the Web, a naval site with heaps of info.  Nihon Kaigun, a site featuring the Imperial Japanese Navy.  Warbirds Resource Group.  Lots of stuff for the aircraft enthusiast.  Naval Warfare.net has an amazing link page down the bottom of the left menu.

Sites with a Historical Flavour
US Navy Historical, Good World War II Naval site. The W.W.II Aircraft Carrier, U.S.S. Enterprise has an excellent site with massive amounts of information. An interesting site on the German Forces during World War II. Another good one worth a look, Kiwis in Armour. Check it out.

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