Founded in 1988, we have grown to become a haven for gamers wishing to escape their own little reality for an afternoon or two each month.  We meet at the Duke Street Scout Hall, Duke Street, Hastings, New Zealand, twice a month on the second and fourth Sundays, and last Mondays of each month.  Check out the Dates page for details of upcoming meetings.

What Do We Play?
Well we play with 'toy soldiers' of course. But what sort of toy soldiers? The sort that are painstakingly assembled, prepared and painted. Actually we prefer to call them model soldiers. In order of current popularity, we play:

Blood Bowl: The great game of fantasy football is the most popular game played at the club these days.  We've got a fantastic League up and running and it's popularity has made it the most popular game at the club.
Check out our
Blood Bowl page.

Warhammer 40,000
: Still a popular game at the moment due to it's colour and flair. The majority of our members are 40K gamers.

Warhammer: Starting to fade a little, but still seen at least once a month. Warhammer Fantasy still draws more than a passing interest when the figures are pulled out.  Check out Sean's Campaign site

World War II: We've had a wee surge in popularity with 15mm Rapid Fire or Flames of War becoming very popular.

World War II Naval:
Played with ships of 1:4,800 scale, it draws the odd 40K gamer who hasn't organised a game for himself. The current Naval Staff consists of two Admirals and a couple of Captains (part-timers) who regularly shell and torpedo each other into Davey Jones Locker.

Modern: Very few modern gamers left in the club now, but a recruitment drive is in progress. One member has four armies, so there's no shortage of hardware. Every couple of months or so we see ATGWs and APFSDS rounds whizzing about.

Titan Legions: We've had a few bashes at this of late. It's still preferred over its newer version, Epic 40K, which doesn't get much of a look in these days.

Anything else?
We've seen the odd Necromunda game. Mordheim came and went and came back again. It seems to be on the rise again. Ancients (in any form) is another rarity these days. The bulk of the membership are under 20 and are dead keen on Games Workshop games. Board games sometimes surface, the most recent being Axis & Allies and Star Wars card games seem quite popular with a select few.

In summary, if it has something to do with some kind of combat, we've probably given it a go at some stage.

The Crew:
Rick Levick - Secretary & Webmaster, Never there on a Sunday - ALWAYS there on a Monday!
Bob Edwards - Treasurer & Guardian of the Fridge that stores the sacred bevvies.
We have no Club Captain or President at the moment because when the last one resigned, no-one wanted to do it.  After thinking about it, we couldn't figure out what he actually did anyway, so the position was made redundant.  In his place we have instituted a Duty Officer and it is his job to meet and greet new folks and generally introduce them around.  On Sundays, it is normally Bob, and Mondays it's Rick.  See - didn't need a President after all!

Contact us at:
The Hawke's Bay Wargames Club
505 Norton Road

Email: hb.wargames.club@paradise.net.nz

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