A Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report
This battle is a part of the Murmin Campaign currently running at the club's Sunday meeting.

Vampire Counts-Andrew vs. Orcs and Goblins-Jacob
Battle Date 8thAugust 2004
Points: 1,100
Province: B,5

Objective: To Capture and hold the 'unmanned' Orc Tower at the battlefield's centre to secure the province.

As the mosquitoes started to rise over the Orc swampland the Lord Necromancer lead his Undead army forward determined to capture the tower that stood in the middle of the battle field. With a grunt and groan the Orc Big Boss marshalled his troops equally determined to capture the tower and to repel the invaders from his swamp province.

(Due to reasons not given neither army wanted their leaders to be named.)

Henchmen: The Orc Warboss gloated as he was presented with the Black Periapt that his henchmen had stolen from under the Master Necromancer's nose. "He not uze dis here today… haha." The Necromancer swore and cursed the very existence of such underhanded tactics and vowed justice.

Turn 1. Going first, the Master Necromancer willed his Undead minions forward headed by his swift Spirit Host who floated straight for a small unit of night goblin spearmen who stood just beyond a large march. With a glint in his eye he called forth the dark powers and prepared to cast using 5 of his 8 spell dice. Lightning seemed to strike him from the cloudless sky and he miscast his spell and vanquished his own magic for the round. The Orc War Boss laughed again and thanked Gork for sending the lightning. Lifting his axe to the sky he ordered the green skin boyz forward.
Animosity A unit of Orc Spearmen decided they wanted to argue over who had the longest spear so stood around arguing the fact.
With the goblins coming into range of the Spirit Host three fanatics, high on magic mushrooms, were tossed out in front. As the Spirit Host were ethereal they spun out of control without a target to hit and only causing concerns to the Orc Warboss who was worried what might happen next turn to his own units.

Turn 2.  The Spirit Host charged the nearby Savage Orc Warboss in an attempt to kill him and his boar mount. With a plan well contrived the Zombie, Skeleton and Ghoul ranks meandered forward toward the still unoccupied Orc tower. The Master Necromancer lifted his sword and ordered his hired crossbow mercenaries to fire upon the out of control Goblin Fanatics. Letting loose a volley of bolts they managed to kill one. Evoking again the dark forces the Master Necromancer surged with magical energy. As he was about to release his wrath he was struck again by a bolt of lightning from above. With his mind cleansed and his magic again vaporised for this turn he cursed and sat back to see what the Orcs were up to.  Unable to damage each other the Spirit Host and savage Orc Warboss glared at each other.
Once the Orc War Boss had contained his laughter and glee with Gork's second lightning display he prepared to order his troops forward.

A unit of Orc Spearmen decided they didn't like the snobby attitude of the unit of Orc Big 'Uns who marched beside them. Turning on the spot they charged into the Big 'Uns' flank killing one. More than a little perturbed by this the Orc Big 'Uns chopped three of the Spear Orcs into little tiny pieces causing them to break and run away.
The remaining two fanatics spun wildly crashing into each other causing both to end their lives in a very gruesome and bloody mess.
Ignoring the evil heckles coming from his opponent the Orc Warboss swore at his spearmen causing all within ear range to quiver and cringe. Out of anger he spurred his boar onward and charged alone into the nearest Zombie unit inspiring all green skins around him.
With a confident smile the unit of Arrer Boyz reached the tower objective and started to climb the ladder seemingly beating all others while their leader held up the Zombies and protected their flank.
The Arrer Boyz on the far right lifted their bows aiming toward the Crossbowmen on the hill to the far right. Letting loose with their arrows they amazingly killed three of the hired thugs.
Still seething with the embarrassment over his Spear Orcs the Big Warboss swung madly at the Zombies turning three into a stew, while avoiding any blow aimed back at him.
Meanwhile the Spirit Host and Savage Orc Warboss continued to swing vainly at each other.

Turn 3. With a rye smile the Master Necromancer seemed undaunted by the Orcs scaling the tower's ladder. A unit of Ghouls lurched to the base of the tower. Stopping, they threw up grappling hooks and started to climb causing disbelief across the face of the Orc Warboss.
Daring to tempt fate, the Master Necromancer again called on the forces of darkness. This time he raised four zombies to join the fight against the War Boss and giving the whole unit Hellish Vigor allowed them to strike first and reroll any 'to-hit' misses.  The resulting combat caused a wound to the Orc leader with only one of their own number falling into the soft ground. The Orc Leader was forced to run away which allowed the Zombies to drive into the flanks of the Arrer boyz still clinging to the ladder. With the Ghouls now at the top of the tower the Master Necromancer sat back confident that the Orcs were now right where we wanted them...in deep 'shivering swamp water!".
Things were now dire for the Orcs. The Savage Orcs' shaman's spells, with his 4 casting and 3 dispel dice could not compete with the Necromancer 8 casting and 6 dispel dice.
Animosity. The Big 'Uns now stood around arguing over who killed the most Orc Spearmen. So were unable to aid the Arrer Boyz caught on the ladder.
The Arrer Boyz on the right killed another crossbowman while the Savage Orc Warboss and Spirit Host continued to swing and miss each other. The Orcs ended their turn fearing the worst but underestimated what was yet to come.

Turn 4 The Master Necromancer raised his hands once again and confidently called on the dark powers of his blood line. To the green skin's horror and disbelief 12, yes 12 skeletons appeared atop the tower beside the Ghouls who were getting ready to attack the surrounded Arror Boyz. Still not finished the Master Necromancer brought to life from the ground 6 zombies replacing those slain by the green skin War Boss with added interest.
Combat left none destroyed or dead on either side but things were still looking grim for the Orc and Goblin army.
The Orc War Boss rallied himself but looked downcast as he saw the tower securely occupied by the Undead Legion.
Animosity: The Big 'Uns remained deep in debate over who did the most wounds on the Orc Spearmen oblivious to what was happening on the field of battle. While the far right Arrer Boyz angry with the internal fighting of the Big 'Uns decided to show them how Orcs should act on the battle field. With a heroic battle cry they charged the Spirit Host running into the swamp stopping well short of their mark.
The Orc War Boss, a shattered and dejected figure because of his armies' comedic infighting on the battle field, decided to retreat surrendering the province to the Undead.
The Scribes recorded his last words as he left..."We killed more of uz dan dem and der woz more of dem at end dan start! Da boyz did me shame diz day, Iz bash 'em good when wez getz home. Iz nez to finz a Black Orcs?"