What is Naval Combat all about?

During any war between nations where a body of water is involved, invariably control of the sea lanes becomes paramount.  The British, for example, can not conduct any kind of warfare in a foreign land without using sea forces to land troops and equipment.  Making sure the troops and their equipment arrive at their destination can only be enforced with combat ships; the battleships, cruisers, destroyers, submarines and the aircraft carriers. 

The NAVScale Rules for Naval Combat 1900-1950 are currently being play-tested and refined at the moment.  The models used are normally 1:4,800th scale.  Larger models can be used as long as ranges are adjusted.

Currently there are limited suppliers of models in New Zealand.  NAVScale did make models and we originally intended to supplement the Military Miniatures range by filling the gaps that they had in the line up.  Sadly, manufacturing has been halted and models are in storage until further notice.
C-in-C in the States make some very nice models, but they are only available in small, rather inflexible packs.  The local stockist is
Nick Grant of Canterbury Miniatures in Christchurch.

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Damage Control Sheets
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Model of the battleship U.S.S. South Dakota.

Model of the Japanese battleship Musashi.

These models are from GHQ and are 1:2,400th scale. They have exquisite detail for such a small model. They are normally supplied unpainted like the German Narvik class destroyer below.

Battle Stations!  Check out a battle report.

German Battleship Tirpitz in company with Prinz Eugen and three destroyers.

With some slight modifications and a new paint job, some Japanese Zeros make convincing Focke Wulf Fw 190s.

American aircraft carriers, Lexington and Enterprise come under attack from Japanese aircraft

The Corsairs at high altitude intercept the Val dive bombers...

U.S.S. Montana and Missouri about to receive torpedo fire from two Fubuki Class destroyers.  See Battle Stations for  more details.

but fail to catch the Kates at low level.  The carriers have to defend themselves.

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