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September 2004
Ahh… it's good to be back! After about two years of missing Sunday meetings, I finally have Sundays off and can return to the insanity of Wargaming.  And it was a good return.  A game of Blood Bowl using a team I hadn't used for some time followed by a game of WW2 Naval.  What was envisaged as a quick two player game soon evolved into a four way game that dragged a couple of new players into the fold.  Good to see the young guys giving something different a go.
From what I can tell, the only thing being played at the club these days is 40K and Blood Bowl.  This will change!  I have a few projects in planning stages for the New Year.  I've found some really good looking rules for a number of games to give the membership something else to try.
My very first visit to a Wargames club was in Wellington, 24 years ago.  Some of the guys there were too involved in their games to even talk to me, but one bloke asked me if I wanted to join in a game that 'anyone' could play.  My first wargame was World War I Aerial Dogfighting, a great game.  Got shot down about three times in total but had a blast.  Since then I have always found that giving something new a go is always worth it.  With this in mind I am starting a recruitment drive to try and diversify the younger guys at the club and show them that we are indeed a
Wargaming Club, not just a group of guys that plays 40K.
I'm currently working on adapting the 40K rules for playing Viet Nam skirmish games.  I've also got some skirmish rules for Modern as well that can place players in Afghanistan or Iraq fighting Al Qaeda or the Taliban. 
Membership wise, we picked up another member this month and he's already signed up for the Blood Bowl League which is great to see.

City Fight Campaign
Stu is running a City Fight campaign that currently involves 10 players.
For the current situation report,

Blood Bowl

Monday Night Football is still being attended by a select few, although we seem to have picked up another regular.  Anyone is welcome to come along, and not just for Blood Bowl.  If you want to play 40K, Flames of War, Warhammer Fantasy, or anything, just arrange a game and come on down.  It's a much more relaxed atmosphere and quieter, too.  There is an additional cost involved to cover the extra hireage of the hall, but $3.50 each isn't much.  If we get a few more regulars, it'll probably bring the price down.

Warhammer Fantasy
Sean has organised a campaign for Warhammer fantasy and is asking for players to register their interest.  Check out the Warhammer Campaign here.

Battle Reports
I would love to be able to put some Battle Reports here but no-one has sent any for ages.  If you had a great game and want to brag about it, let me know and I'll stick it right here on the front page of the website!  Remember, it's the victor who makes history.

That's about all I've got for this month (or what's left of it).   
Get Gaming!

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