A map of the kingdom of Tours and its surrounds. Tours is situated on the North-east coast of the Circular Sea.

Pencil Map of Tours

Tours is the northernmost area shown on the map, which unfortunately didn't scan as well as I'd hoped.

The area to the south is the kingdom of Brugens, with the city of Montauban (significant because the PCs burnt a large part of it down) marked.

North-east Tours, showing the area granted to Sir Abelard Kreutzer when he was ennobled as a Marquis. It also shows the area that he has effectively claimed and is in the process of pacifying.

Large Map of NE Tours

Places in Tours


Laval is the biggest town in Marquis Kreutzer's lands (the North-eastern Marches). In D&D terms it is a 'small city', currently with a population of about 6,700, including about 1,200 Droch and Ogres. Pre-war it had a population of about 11,000 and was a Chartered City. It has since lost it's charter and is the personal fief of Baron Uzbek, a Droch soldier and the Marquis' chief vassal.


Previous to the invasion this was the seat of Count Minros, Sir Abelard's immediate lord, and the most powerful noble in the east of the kingdom. During the invasion it was besieged and the Count, in an attempt to break the siege, used an ancient artefact known as 'Elof's Hammer'. Unfortunately the instructions were unclear (or badly translated) and the centre-point for the effect he summoned was himself, rather than the invader's camp. The resulting destruction the rained from the sky destroyed both the invaders, the Count, and Bernay. Now, in the spring after the invasion, it is home to about a hundred Humans and Droch who eke out a living scavenging from the ruins.


Capital of the Kingdom, which is named after it, Tours is a Large City that was untouched by the invasion, as it surrendered as soon as it was invested. It, and the kingdom, were saved by the PC's party infiltrating the palace and killing the leader of the Invading army and his puppet king.


A small town in central Tours. Population ~1,000.

Sir Francois' fief

A small but fertile knight's fee in central Tours, about halfway between Cholet and Laval. It is (to Sir Francois' relief) outside of Marquis Kreutzer's lands.

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