The PCs

West, Lord Fall, The Evenlord

Leader of the Droch and Wyvern invasion of Tours, and would-be power behind the throne. A mighty fighter and natural leader. Killed by the party as he oversaw the coronation of his chosen puppet king.


One of the few female clerics of Anahr, Xyrene was the direct agent responsible for the destruction of the Kreutzer family fief. She managed to escape the party's wrath twice, each time sealing a portal behind her to prevent pursuit. However the third time they met she had no such escape route available, and was killed with Lord West.

Baron (Prince) Montengard

Lord Fall's patsy, and would-be king of Tours. Montengard was a spoiled and minor relative of the old king who was selected by Fall for his lack of will and his stupidity. He was never intended to be more than a puppet, and when he was killed before he could be crowned Fall simply replaced him with a doppelganger, but both he, the doppelganger, and Fall's other lieutenants were killed before the coronation could take place.

Jean-Paul II, His Royal Majesty, King of Tours

Previously a minor noble and distant cousin of the king, now that everyone else closer to the old king than him is dead, he finds himself at eighteen the king of a country reeling from an invasion and in a state of chaos. Worse, civil war looms as spring advances towards summer and those nobles who managed to preserve themselves and the or forces strike out for the throne or simply for independence.


Gnarr, a War-Troll, was the former ruler of Laval before his lieutenant, Uzbek, made an alliance with Marquis Kreutzer where Kreutzer would arrange Gnarr's demise with Uzbek's help in exchange for Uzbek's allegiance. In return for providing Kreutzer with the city, Uzbek would become its ruler as a baron under him.


Baron of Laval, chief vassal of Marquis Kreutzer, Uzbek is a massive (6'9") Droch. Previously the senior Droch of the 5th Heavy Infantry Division, he knew an opportunity when he saw it and grabbed the chance to get to the top with both hands.

Uzbek is very intelligent and charismatic for a Droch, and has taken steps to ensure that his fief becomes stable and prosperous. One of the first things he did was to reform Laval's laws.


A Half-Droch ranger-rogue 'lent' to Marquis Kreutzer by his loyal vassal, Uzbek, as a bodyguard. Zogg is primarily of note because he has taken this as an opportunity to observe Humans more closely, and to learn more of their society and customs. Naturally he reports useful intelligence back to Uzbek.


Nothing is known of this person except that a Commune fingered her as being the agent behind the attempted assassination of Sir Francois and Marquis Kreutzer, and that she is somewhere to the east.

Mister Noon, Southlord, The Summer King

A man of nondescript appearance, normally dressed as a pilgrim with a broad hat and simple clothes. Mister Noon was first encountered by the party while they were recovering from a pounding at the hands of some half-golems (the result of an experiment in limb replacement therapy that went tragically wrong). He provided assistance on the grounds that they were opposing the invasion, and that it was doing too well.

Later those characters who travelled south met him again. This time he had recruited a large band of gnolls as followers and was opposing their return north. His exact motivations were unknown, but the party killed him for his troubles. He appears to be a powerful martial artist

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