The PCs

Sir Abelard, Marquis Kreutzer

Fighter, war hero, recently ennobled. Ruler of the North-eastern Marches, a land of imposing mountains, rugged wilderness, and worn-torn flatlands currently in the state of turmoil and disorder.

Sinner Begone Tavistock

A shady character, founder of one intelligent race (if you're generous), and blood-ancestor of humanity.

Murianna Lænthomur

Daughter of Kulinær Lænthosyr [Shadow Singer"{High Elven},"Crystal Mountain (masculine)" {High Elven}] and an unknown human mother who died birthing Murianna (and who Kulinær refuses to talk about - Murianna doesn't even know her name), Murianna's full name is Murianna Lænthomur ["Sea Grace" {Old Arlic, from High Tongue} "Crystal Mountain (feminine)" {High Elven}].

Murianna is a skilled fighter and spellcaster, and is Frostchild's current bearer.


A petty lord's son back home, exiled for something that he will not discuss. Here he's a raging barbarian.

Recently Comnhall removed himself from the party after dying and being Raised. He has been travelling in the North-west of Tours and may be considering a trip to the north, over or around the mountains and home.

Sir Francois

Recently knighted as a reward for his actions in the invasion. A trained soldier, tracker who has recently found the raging barbarian within.

Sir Francois is at this time in semi-retirement to his fief, which is in need of careful management. Besides, he's disillusioned with the way things are going, with his childhood companion, Sir Abelard, accepting Droch into his service, and the king endorsing such behaviour. Sir Francois simply cannot countenance this, as the Droch killed most of his family and destroyed his childhood home. Nor can he understand Sir Abelard's actions, as his home and family were also destroyed at the same time.


A Wood Elf (High Elf in D&D parlance) of no especial heritage. He went wandering as some elfs do when they are young, and found himself smack bang in the middle of a war against the Droch. Now, he has nothing against Droch as individuals, but they are minions of Anahr, and as a Cleric of Silvanya that means they are his enemies.

As a result of a Commune spell cast when the party was in the past Before Time Began Velcro got a personal interview with Silvanya herself, who offered him a drink from a cup containing 'water' her magical seeing pool. As a result of Velcro accepting this offering he has become her direct representative on Arles. One of the side effects of this is that his appearance has changed to match that of a Primal Elf, and as he was a tall Wood Elf, he has become a tall Primal Elf in height (6' 9").


A paladin of Marasmis.


Wizard, and Royal Librarian. In Tours' capital planning his advancement to Royal Wizard and owner of the tallest wizard's tower on the Circular Sea.


A ranger and druid, half-elf. Currently helping the poor and unemployed of Laval feed themselves. They work on plots of garden in exchange for food and information.

Val Meadowshadow

A half-elf who seems to have a real dislike for his human side. Was helping the womenfolk of Laval learn to farm in the hope that they'd survive better after the inevitable backlash against their Droch husbands.

Currently on an expedition to the east to find the source of some assassins sent to kill Sir Abelard and Sir Kreutzer.

Val's Past

Val Meadowshadow was born in a travelling troupe of dancing girls and acrobats, his mother a pretty and naive young dancer. His father was elf travelling the southern lands under an assumed identity. As a young man travelling with the troupe Val came to the attention of one of the Elfen communities and was invited to dwell with them for a while and learn the ways of Elfs.

Life with the troupe taught Val the skills needed to survive amongst humans but also the beastlier side of human nature. His time among Elfs showed him the many beautiful things in the world, but also taught him how isolated from other races they had become.

Now Val travels his own path, part of both worlds, but not wholly of either.


Any number of Joe's clerics.

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