Rhys' Spearhead page

Russian Motor rifle battalion attacking a British defensive line. Ok, so its staged.
Here's a collection of stuff for Spearhead and Modern Spearhead. Rather than having obscure dissertations of tactics ( which I'm woefully qualified to write anyway), or collections of TOE's ( of which there are far better sources than me), I've decided to concentrate on tips for the creation of good looking elements to play with on the table. Its something that hasn't been done for spearhead before, and I feel just as important as anything else in the game. Almost all of the ideas and pictures on this site are for my 1980's Central Front armies in West germany, but can be extended to any area covered by the Spearhead rule's series.
OK, so why would you want to spend the time doing this. Well, it doesn't take that much more time and your fellow gamers say nice things about your figures. Really, it doesn't take that much time, or skill for that matter. OK, fine, don't believe me, have a read instead.