May 2010


Public service warning



Patiole Vanu


Owner Operator: Fast Tree Services


1 Gambia Grove, Flagstaff Hamilton







The public are advised to consider carefully before engaging the services of Patiole Vanu for tree removal or tree maintenance.



Patiole Vanu and his company, Fast Tree Services, operate by cold calling on properties in the Hamilton and Waikato district to offer tree pruning, trimming, “topping”, rubbish removal etc. Patiole Vanu is associated with “Samoan church group tree gangs” whose operations have featured on Television New Zealand’s Fair Go and other programmes.


Patiole Vanu’s specialities:


·        Stand-over tactics to extract money from the elderly and infirm for unsolicited services performed in excess of prior verbal agreements


·        Mutilation of trees protected under district plans, failure to adhere to resource consent procedures


·        Damage to property and chattels, private and municipal


·        Fast disappearance


·        Impersonation of legitimate contractors (electricity companies, municipal works etc)




Patiole Vanu has at least one criminal conviction for theft from the vulnerable elderly in the course of his work:





The Dominion Post

August 5, 2003

`Mean' tree pruner escapes jail term.


A FLAXMERE man who stole $12,000 from a 78-year-old woman by charging her for tree-trimming services she did not want has been sentenced to 250 hours' community work.

Patiole Vanu, a 34-year-old contractor, was sentenced in Hastings District Court yesterday after pleading guilty to a charge of theft last month.

The court was told that Vanu approached the woman in June last year offering to cut her trees.

He did some work for her but kept returning over the next seven months to do unsolicited jobs.

Police said Vanu intimidated the woman and refused to leave her home until she paid him.





Patiole Vanu and associates remain persons of interest to New Zealand Police, Municipal and District Councils, IRD, Department of Immigration, legitimate arborist businesses:






If you have suffered loss due to the actions of Patiole Vanu contact the NZ police. This website is also interested in further information regarding the activities of Patiole Vanu and associates: