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Ever wondered what is fact and what is fiction in the world of dietary information. Well so have I. Of course I still don't know. Facts in the dietary field take time to sift and there is little certainty. Much of what is regarded as fact turns out to be fiction. Evidence that seems so solid can turn to custard when examined in a new light. Nothing I say here is established fact or should be construed as advice. If you are looking for advice make an appointment with a health professional. That's what they get paid for. My hope is that people with better access to factual information will email me and improve my grasp of the ficts.

Every T2 diabetic with a bean of intelligence will recognise that their situation is or could be different from mine. So please accept if you haven't already that these articles are discussion only.

Quentin's bread recipe for high fibre bread. A new recipe.

Quentin's diet A record of one family's diet.

Jennifer's Story. A low carb success story.

Blood lipids 101 . A primer on cholesterol related topics by William Biggs MD.

Supplements The beginning of a search for the ficts.

Eating cat food. Preposterous thinking with a purpose.

What happens to your daily supplement? Half lives

ARMD and dangerous

Underweight Indian babies and over weight men.
What is the connection?


Dietary First Aid.

A waste of a good man.

GI Joe, the way to go.

Feeding the inner MAM

Grazing on red clover?

Wheat. Are there safer grains and carbohydrates?

My Flax fibre Zone style breakfast.

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