A couple of pictures and a bit of the history of my rather vroomy Rover

Little did I know.. but back in 1994 my Rover was exported from the UK to be sold into slavery in Japan.. after doing it's time in the land of the rising sun it was imported into New Zealand..

complete with Teflon tyres (guaranteed non-stick)

rear wheel spacers (well dodgy thingies that make your wheels stick out further but reduce the length of the wheel studs)

and no doubt.. a wound back mileometer!!

Anyways... I like it.. which is why I bought it. The three door is a few grand cheaper than the Tomcat coupe.. dunno why.. coz they are virtually the same thing...(i think) and thankfully the boy racer brigade haven't cottoned on to either of these models yet... despite them being burned off from the lights a few times! Yes.. I do the odd drag from the lights.. Yes I have had the speedo just past 240 (although i was a bit busy at the wheel at the time to get an accurate kmh) and Yes the local coppers never look twice at me! Hurrah!

I read a write up on a Rover SD1 3500 once.. and it reminds me of my Rover...

"this Rover can pass just about anything else on the road.... except a petrol station"

In all fairness... this model doesn't do too bad to the gallon (20-25mpg).. but who cares..I didn't buy it for its economy.. shame it's front wheel drive tho.. it'd be a ripper if it was rear... hmmn.. I wonder...

The car is pretty stock really.. apart from... Bridgestone Potenza G3's sit on the standard Alloys.. (I can't tell ya how much better the car feels after fitting these!) K&N air filter (it's cheaper than a Rover one) Sparco strut brace ( I have no idea if this aids handling.. it was on it when i bought it.. it looks kind of flash tho! although it makes a nasty clunk when reversing out of a tight park) and the Cat was cut out of the exhaust system and replaced with a resonator box to keep the noise down (I can heartily recommend removing the catalytic converter.. I know it's bad for the environment but it's the cheapest HP boost you can get).

Planned modifications include.... I want to fit a more accessable ashtray! it's impossible to use when in 5th gear!



Note: one day I'll make all the pictures here point to the larger files from whence they came..until then you'll just have to squint! <most of them work tho>

Note: OK Mr policeman any claims to speeding and/or law breaking were made for dramatic effect.. you don't really think I would speed around do you? I only bought the car for it's brilliant boot access and excellent ashtray.

Note: Most of the images here were either photographed by me.. made by me... or just plain stolen by me.. if you want to see some more graphics then follow this LINK

Why 3 point turn when an application of the handbrake will suffice  

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