(a) By Composer

Anthony Jennings - harpsichord (Trust/Atoll MMT 2024)

Tamas Vesmas (CD MANU 1519)

Tamas Vesmas (CD MANU 1519)

The New Zealand String Quartet (BMG MANU 1511-3)

Michael Houstoun (piano)
Janos Furst / James Judd
N.Z. Symphony Orchestra (Trust MMT 2035)

The New Zealand String Quartet (Atoll ACD 402)

Michael Houstoun (piano)
(a) Middle Period Sonatas - Trust MMT 2001-3 (b) The Last Four Sonatas - MMT 2004-5
(b) The Early Sonatas - MMT 2011-13 (d) Sonatas Opp. 14, 22, 31 - MMT 2017-18

Alexa Still - Flute / NZCO / James Sedares
Koch International 3-7505-2 HI

Donald Johanos/ NZSO (Naxos 8.553027)

Myer Fredman / NZSO (Naxos 8.553107)

New Zealand String Quartet (Atoll ACD 399)

Tamas Vesmas - piano (Atoll ACD 599/1-2)

Myer Fredman/ NZSO (Naxos 8.553001)

Franz-Paul Decker/ NZSO (Naxos 8.553078)

Eugene Albulescu - piano (CD MANU 1446)

Michael Houstoun - piano (Trust MMT 2008)

Miguel Harth-Bedoya/ Auckland Philharmonia (Atoll ACD 102)

Tahu Matheson - piano (Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-98)

Michael Houstoun (piano)/ Miguel Harth-Bedoya/ Auckland Philharmonia
(Atoll ACD 102)

Franz-Paul Decker/ NZSO (Naxos 8.55307)

Doanld Armstrong / NZ Chamber Orchestra
(Naxos 8.553213)

Donald Armstrong/ NZ Chamber Orchestra
(Naxos 8.553194)

Nicholas Braithwaite / Auckland Philharmonia
(Atoll A 9805/1-2)

Marco Guidarini / NZSO (NZ Festival 2000)
(Trust MMT 2045-46)
(b) Collections

Koch International 3-7063-2 HI

Songs by Montsalvatge, Obradors, Guridi, Rodrigo, Granados
Deborah Wai Kapohe (soprano) / David Harper (piano)
Trust MMT 2038

Christmas Hymns, Songs and Carols
Indra Hughes / Musica Sacra - Atoll ACD 501

Christmas Baroque Concertos
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra / Marc Taddei (conductor)
Trust MMT 2043

Violin Sonatas by Bartok, Debussy and Janacek
Justine Cormack (violin)/ Sarah Watkins (piano) - Atoll ACD 101

Schumann, Gershwin, Ravel, Chopin
Diedre Irons - Trust MMT 2041

Music by Bartok, Enesco, Janacek - played by Tamas Vesmas
(CD MANU 1443)

Songs by Bridge, Finzi, Ireland, Lilburn, Orr
Paul Whelan - baritone/ David Harper - piano (Trust MMT 2025)

Fantastick Musick for the Italian Harpsichord - played by Anthony Jennings
(Trust/Atoll MMT 2025)

Songs by Brahms, Schubert, Faure, Finzi, Ireland, Keel, Head
Jonathan Lemalu (bass-baritone) / Roger Vignoles (piano)
EMI Debut 5 75203-2

Keith Lewis (tenor) and Michael Houstoun (piano) - Lieder, Chansons and Folksongs
(Trust MMT 2006)

Piano Trios by Beethoven, Dvorak, Farr
(OGEN OG0010)

Keith Lewis (tenor), with Kenneth Young/NZCO
(Trust MMT 2008)

Martin Setchell plays the Christchurch Town Hall Rieger pipe organ
Ode MANU 1539 / Atoll ACD 600

Oscar Natzka (bass) / Various accompaniments
(Atoll / National Library ACD 400/500)

Philip Walsh at the organ of Wellington Cathedral (Trust MMT 2014)

Piano Works by Schumann, Prokofiev, Scriabin, Rachmaninov
- played by Michael Houstoun (Trust MMT 2028)

Dalewool Auckland Brass
(Atoll ACD 601)