Reviews of New Zealand Music



Mr Darwin’s Dances / Precious Legacy Suite
Jonathan Besser/ Ensemble
(Atoll ACD 200)

Orchestral and Vocal Works
Edwin Carr/Various Orchestras
(Kiwi Pacific CD SLD-101)

Tahu Matheson - piano
(Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-98)

Philip Dadson (sonic artist)
Atoll ACD 104

Kenneth Young / NZSO
(Trust Records MMT 2060)

Kenneth Young / NZSO
Trust MMT 2020)

Works for Chamber Orchestra
Deborah Wai Kapohe (soprano) / "Strike")
(Trust MMT 2036)

Chamber and Instrumental Works
Various - (Trust MMT 2019)

Owhiro (String Quartets 1-3)
NZ String Quartet
(Trust MMT 2019)

Incidental Music for “The End of the Golden Weather”
Ryan Reiss (clarinet) / Ensemble (Golden Weather)

Sir William Southgate/NZSO
(Continuum CD 1076)

John Hopkins/ Sir Charles Groves/ NZSO
(Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-100)

John Hopkins/ NZSO/ Grant Cooper/ Ithaca College Festival Orch.
Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-99

John Hopkins/Ashley Heenan/ NZSO
(Kiwi Pacific CD SLD-90)
John Hopkins/NZSO
(Continuum CD 1069)

LILBURN - Symphonies 1-3 Text - Judd / NZSO
(Naxos 8.555862)

LILBURN - Piano Music Vol 1 Dan Poynton - Piano
Trust MMT 2053

(Rattle RAT D008)

NZCO / Donald Armstrong / NZSO Marc Taddei
(Trust MMT 2040)

Kenneth Young/ NZSO
(Trust/Atoll MMT 2027)

50th Anniversary Edition - works by Farquhar, Heenan, Lilburn, Pruden, J. Ritchie
(Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-107)

Songs by NZ Women Composers
Margaret Medlyn - soprano/ Bruce Greenfield - piano
(Kiwi-Pacific SLD-110)

NZ Piano Music played by Michael Houstoun
(Trust MMT 2010)

Auckland Philharmonia / Various Conductors
(Atoll ACD 100)

Alexa Still - New Zealand Music for Flute and Orchestra
Koch International 3-7345-2 HI

New Zealand Orchestral Music
Creswell, Grenfell, Hamilton, Harris, Lilburn, Lodge
NZSO / Kenneth Young (Trust MMT 2037)

Works for Strings by Lilburn, Watson, Pruden
New Zealand Chamber Orchestra
(Koch International 3-7260-2HI)

NZ Music for Brass
Woolston Brass Band
(CDWB 3896340/01)

Peter Godfrey / Karen Grylls/ Auckland University Choirs
Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD 108

Te Koopu Rangatahi Waiata O Aotearoa (conductor: Karen Grylls)
CD MANU 1412

Music by Blake, Carr, Farquhar, Lilburn, McLeod, Pruden, J.Ritchie, Watson, Whitehead
Kenneth Young / NZSO
Continuum CCD 1073/1-2

NZ Music for Brass Ensemble by Lilburn, Elmsly, Harris, Rimmer
Grant Cooper / Concord Brass
(Atoll ACD 299)

NZ Music for Viola by Holmes, Lilburn, Lodge, A. Ritchie, Riseley, Watson.
Timothy Deighton (viola)
(Atoll ACD 202)

Vol. 1 (WTA 001) - Mark Menzies (violin)/ Dan Poynton (piano)
Vol.2 (WTA 002) - Chamber Music by Blake, Cresswell, Farr, Powell

Karen Grylls / NZ National Youth Choir
(Trust MMT 2016)

NZ Piano Music played by Dan Poynton
(Rattle RAT D-006)