Jonathan Besser (b.1949)
Mr.Darwin's dances/Precious Legacy Suite (Atoll ACD 200)

Christopher Blake (b.1949)
"Auckland!" - Fanfare for orchestra (Atoll ACD 100)
Clairmont Triptych (for wind quintet and piano) (Waiteata WTA 002)
Ancient Journeys (solo piano): (Trust MMT 2010)
Till Human Voices Wake Us (for tenor and orchestra): (Continuum CCD 1073/2)

Jack Body (b.1944)
Aeolian Harp (violin solo): (Waiteata WTA 001)
Five Melodies for Piano: (Rattle RAT D006)
Sarajevo (piano solo): (Trust MMT 2010)
Carol - People Look East (Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108)
Carol to St.Stephen (Ode/Manu CDMANU 1412)

Helen Bowater (b.1952)
Zingaro (violin solo): (Waiteata WTA 001)

Dorothy Buchanan (b.1945)
"Peace" - Fanfare for orchestra (Atoll ACD 100)

Donald Byars (1925-1988)
An Heavenly Song (for mixed choir) Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108

Ross Carey (b.1969)
Tombeau (violin and piano): (Waiteata WTA 001)

Edwin Carr (b.1926)
Mardi Gras - Overture/Aubade for clarinet and orchestra/ Five Wolfskehl Songs
The Twelve Signs - An Astrological Entertainment/ Nightmusic - Scherzo
(Kiwi-Pacific SLD 101)
Ten Concert Studies for Piano: (Kiwi-Pacific SLD-98)

Eve de Castro-Robinson (b.1956)
Chaos of Delight III (for female choir) Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108
"Other Echoes" - Fanfare for orchestra (Atoll ACD 100)

Lyell Cresswell (b.1944)
The Pumpkin Massacre (string orchestra): (Waiteata WTA 002)
Dancing on a Volcano (1996) (Trust MMT 2037)

Chris Cree Brown (b.1953)
"Y2K Pacemaker" - Fanfare for orchestra (Atoll ACD 100)

Bruce Crossman (b.1961)
Expression in Blue (violin and piano): (Waiteata WTA 001)

Philip Dadson (b.1946)
MAYA - Fanfare for Orchestra (Atoll ACD 100)
Sisters Dance (piano solo) : (Rattle RAT D006)

Nigel Eastgate (b.1930)
Estas in exilium ("Carmina Burana") Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108

Paul Edgeler (b.1969)
Voyage (violin and piano): (Waiteata WTA 001)

John Elmsly (b.1952)
Gestauqua, for Brass Quintet and electronic tape/Tryptich for trumpet and electronic sounds (Atoll ACD 299)
"Resound!" - Fanfare for orchestra (Atoll ACD 100)

David Farquhar (b.1928)
Ring Round The Moon - Dance Suite:
(Kiwi-Pacific SLD-107)
Ring Round The Moon - A Short Suite (Continuum CCD 1073/2)
Three Of a Kind (for mixed choir) Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108

Gareth Farr (b.1968)
Orchestral Works - From The Depths Sound The Great Sea Gongs/Waipoua
Le Temps est a la Pluie/ Tabuh Pacific/Queen of Demons (Trust Records MMT 2021)
Incidental Music “The End of the Golden Weather”
Ryan Reiss (clarinet)/Ensemble (available for $30 p+p from “Golden
Weather” P.O.Box 23, Paekakariki, Wellington )
Warriors From Pluto - Works for Chamber Orchestra
Naga Baba / Te Parenga / Warriors from Pluto / Nga Tai Hurihuri / Time and Tide
(Trust MMT 2036)
Piano Trio "Ahi" (OGEN OG0010)
Shadow of the Hawk (for ‘cello and piano)/Kembang Suling (for flute and marimba)
Sepuluh Jari (piano solo)/From Forgotten Forests (harp solo)/Cadenza (chamber ensemble)
Trust Records MMT 2020
String Quartet No.1 "Owhiro" (Waiteata WTA 002)
The Three String Quartets: No.1 “Owhiro”/ No.2 “Mondo Rondo” No.3 “Frenzy”
(Trust MMT2019)
Sepuluh Jari (piano solo): (Trust MMT 2010)

Helen Fisher (b.1942)
Pounamu (for mixed choir and flute)
Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108

Dorothea Franchi (b.1919)
Four Pioneer Portraits for m-soprano and piano (Kiwi-Pacific SLD 110)

Dorothy Freed (1919-2000)
The Sea Child - song/3 songs from “Five Fairburn Songs” (Kiwi-Pacific SLD 110)

Dean Goffin - Rhapsody for Brass (CDWB 3896340/01)

Maria Grenfell (b.1969)
Stealing Tutunui (2000) (Trust MMT 2037)
A Pinch Of Time - Song Cycle (Kiwi-Pacific SLD 110)

David Griffiths (b.1950)
Song-Cycle for choir “Lie Deep My Love” - 2. Earth Does At Length 3. Blow, Wind of Fruitfulness
Trust Records MMT 2016
Dormi Jesu - Carol (for mixed choir) Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108
Beata Virgo (for mixed choir) Ode/Manu CDMANU1412

David Hamilton (b.1955)
Elysian Fields (1998) (Trust MMT 2037)
Passacaglia (1987) (Koch International Classics 3-7345-2 HI)
The Moon Is Silently Singing (for double five-part choir and two horns)
Trust Records MMT 2016
Ode/Manu CDMANU 1412
"Zarya" - Fanfare for orchestra (Atoll ACD 100)

Ross Harris (b.1945)
…of memory…(1998) (Trust MMT 2037)
Nocturne (violin and piano): (Waiteata WTA 001)
Echo, for trumpet with tape loop (Atoll ACD 299)

Ashley Heenan (b.1925)
Cindy - A Square Dance For Strings (Kiwi-Pacific SLD-107)

Leonie Holmes (b.1962)
Recitative II, for Viola and Pecussion (Atoll ACD 202)

Nigel Keay (b.1955)
Variations (violin and piano): (Waiteata WTA 001)

Mark Langford (b.1957)
Mostly in B-flat (violin and piano): (Waiteata WTA 001)

Douglas Lilburn (b.1915)
Orchestral and String Works: Aotearoa Overture / Festival Overture / Allegro For Strings
Concert Overture in D / Introduction and Allegro / Four Canzonas / Diversions for Strings
(Kiwi-Pacific SLD-99)
Overture "Drysdale" (1937) (Trust MMT 2037)
Orchestral and Choral Works: Drysdale Overture / A Song Of Islands / Suite For Orchestra
A Birthday Offering / Prodigal Country (Kiwi-Pacific SLD-100)
Orchestral Works:Drysdale Overture / Festival Overture / Suite For Orchestra / A Song Of Islands / A Birthday Offering (Continuum CCD 1076)
Aotearoa Overture (Continuum CCD 1073-2)
Works for Strings: Landfall In Unknown Seas / Allegro For Strings
Diversions For String Orchestra (Koch Int. 3-7260-2)
Landfall In Unknown Seas (Kiwi-Pacific SLD-107)
The Three Symphonies (Kiwi-Pacific SLD-90)
The Three Symphonies (Continuum CCD 1069)
The Three Symphonies (Naxos 8.555862)
Quartet for Brass Instruments (Atoll ACD 299)
Sonata (1956) for piano (Trust MMT 2010)
Sonatina#2 for piano (Rattle RAT D006)
Song-cycle “Elegy” (Trust MMT 2023)
Three Songs for Baritone and Viola (Atoll ACD 202)

Alex Lithgow - Invercargill March (CDWB 3896340/01)

Annea Lockwood (b.1939)
Red Mesa (piano solo) Rattle RAT D006

Martin Lodge (b.1954)
Hinterland (1998) (Trust MMT 2037)
Pacific Rock, for solo Viola (Atoll ACD 202)

Jenny McLeod (b.1941)
Little Symphony (Continuum CCD 1073-2)
Childhood - Song-cycle for choir (Trust Records MMT 2016)
Through The World - Song-cycle (Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-110)

Christopher Marshall (b.1956)
Minoi, minoi (mixed choir) Ode/Manu CDMANU 1412
Trust Records MMT 2029

Lisa Meridan-Skipp
"firecracker" - Fanfare for orchestra (Atoll ACD 100)

Douglas Mews (1918-1993)
Lovesong of Rangipouri (mixed choir) (Trust Records MMT 2016)
Ghosts, Fire, Water (mixed choir) Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108
Ode/Manu CDMANU 1412
Three Maori Songs (Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108)

Chloe Moon (b.1952)
Concertino for Flute and Chamber Orchestra (1983)
(Koch International Classics 3-7345-2 HI)

Juliet Palmer
"Secret Arnold" - Fanfare for orchestra (Atoll ACD 100)

Sam Piper (b.1977)
“Kyrie” from “Requiem” (Trust Records MMT 2016)

Kit Powell (b.1937)
Piano Poems (Waiteata WTA 002)

Dan Poynton (b. 1965)
Nga Iwi E (piano solo) Rattle RAT D006

Larry Pruden (1925-1982)
Soliloquy For Strings (Koch Int.3-7260-2)
Harbour Nocturne (Continuum CCD 1073-2)
Dances of Brittany (for string orchestra) Kiwi-Pacific SLD-107
Haast Highway / Lambton Quay - March (CDWB 3896340/01)

John Psathas (b.1966)
"Luminous" - Fanfare for orchestra (Atoll ACD 100)
Saxon, for Brass Band (Atoll ACD 601)
Abhisheka, for String Quartet / Calenture, for piano, guitar and percussion / Drum Dances, for piano and drums / Motet, for piano four-hands / Spike, for piano and percussion / Stream 3.3, for ensemble / Waiting for the Aeroplane, for piano solo
(Rattle RAT D008)
Waiting For The Aeroplane (piano solo) (Rattle RAT D006) (Trust MMT 2010)

John Rimmer (b.1939)
Millennia for Brass Band (CDWB 3896340/01)
"Vulcan" - Fanfare for orchestra (Atoll ACD 100)
Sonata a 5, for Brass Quintet/Seaswell, for trumpet and electronic sounds (Atoll ACD 299)

Martin Risley
Duo Capriccio, for Violin and Viola (Atoll ACD 202)

Anthony Ritchie (b.1960)
Flute Concerto (1993) (Koch International Classics 3-7345-2 HI)
Viola Concerto (1994) (Atoll ACD 202)
The Hanging Bulb (Continuum CCD 1073-2)
Down The Brunner Mine (CDWB 3896340/01)
Yet Another Poem of Spring (1991) (Trust MMT 2037)

John Ritchie (b.1921)
Concertino for clarinet and strings (Kiwi-Pacific SLD-107)
Flourish for an Occasion / Thredony for Brass (CDWB 3896340/01)
The Snow Goose (1982) (Koch International Classics 3-7345-2 HI)
Canary Wine - song-cycle for female choir (Trust Records MMT 2016)
Lord, When The Sense of Thy Sweet Grace (mixed choir) Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108

Thomas Rive (1920-1978)
Colne for Brass Band (CDWB 3896340/01)
And Is There Care in Heaven? - motet (Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108)

Ronald Tremain (1923-1998)
Tenera Juventa ("Carmina Burana") - mixed choir and piano duet (Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108)

Anthony Watson (1933-1973)
Prelude and Allegro For Strings (Continuum CCD 1073-2)
Prelude and Allegro For Strings (Koch Int.3-7260-2)
Concert Piece (violin and piano): (Waiteata WTA 001)
The Three String Quartets (Continuum CCD 1065)
Sonata for Solo Viola (1969) (Atoll ACD 202)

Te Wehi Whanau - Ngapo Wehi (b.1934)
Haere mai nga iwi - mixed choir (Trust MMT 2029)
Hinemoa - mixed choir (Trust MMT 2016)

John Wells (b.1948)
Blow Me Eyes - mixed choir (Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108)
Now is the Hour - mixed choir (Ode/Manu CDMANU 1412)

Gillian Whitehead (b.1941)
Resurgences (Continuum CCD 1073-2)
Lullaby For Matthew (piano solo) Rattle RAT D006
Qui Natus Est - mixed choir (Kiwi-Pacific CD SLD-108)

Kenneth Young (b.1955) - The Enchanted Dance Hall (CDWB 3896340/01)
Symphony / Virgen de la Esperanza / Dance
(Trust/Atoll MMT 2027)
Elusive Dreams - piano solo: (Trust MMT 2010)