My first step for building a Locost in New Zealand was to purchase the "CODE OF CONSTRUCTION MANUAL" issued by the New Zealand Hot Rod Association. This manual can be purchased for NZ$58.

The next step is to submit your build plans for approval.This involves drawings,donor parts etc.
No! you dont have to become an overnight expert at CAD. I submitted photocopies of all the relevent pages from Ron Champions book.I submitted plans to:
P.O.BOX 1369

Approval was received a few weeks later.

My next stage was to construct the chassis and proceed until I have a rolling chassis with steering and brake system installed. At this point I must contact an Inspector who will check it out and approve the continuation of the build or instruct changes to be made.

I have recently learned that the "Code of Construction Manual" is currently under review and being rewritten.

Under the current regulations, it is OK to do your own welding however the certifier you choose may require a welding test. To avoid any problems, I have had my chassis and front suspension parts welded by a certified welder.

Front suspension parts and any welding on steering will need to be xrayed.

Another regulation that will be coming into effect is the use of frontal crush zones. This may not be as daunting as it sounds.Basicly the front area does incorporate this. We have the nose cone plus the radiator area and then from the side we have the wheels and suspension arms. WE may be OK provided we dont incorporate further strenghening. So following the Aussie chassis will be a no no. This is one way of doing it. Note the top and bottom rails are angled in so that frontal forces will crush this area.

For NZ builders, it would be a good idea to keep an eye on this web site.

Low Volume Vehicle Tchnical Assoc.