Patrick Neal

Mine is: Powered by a 4age black top and T50 box. Front end is STD. Maxi bottom ball joints. Sierra diff and double wishbone rear end with sierra drums (at this stage). Extra diagonals for torsional stiffness. Trans tunnel, is a welded in folded steel box, with only tubes at floor level. The box shape transitions from a flat top at the rear, into a round top, and back into a flat top at the front. It is very stiff, and I believe adds quite a bit to the stiffness to the chassis. Wheels are Mondeo 15" mags. 323 steering column Floor mounted pedals with a balance bar. Glass seats on 323 runners (Not made yet)

Ian Peppercorn

Chassis is +100mm based on Kevin McSorleys 7+442 plans, live axle (Cortina diff), front suspension as per book but with A arms extended to match rear track. GTS Coil overs. Escort Rack. Motor is not sorted as yet, have two 2T-GEU/ T50s that I picked while looking for a 4AGE. Still looking for a good 4AGE.

Scott McEwan

I'm another 7 owner based in chch, running an all ford, 1600 xflow, drysumped, twin webbers etc, rego "Lowtus".

Steve Baker
Steve has not got garage space at the moment but he is not wasting his time. He is attending Polytech improving his build skills.

Details are +4"chassis, cortina diff and rack, subaru engine (1800) pedals, column,brake cylinder. Mine is just about done ,just the brake light on the rollbar to be fitted ,and then it's time for the certification.
I intend to build another one,with Fiat turbo power.Got the engine and gearbox sorted already.

Bruce McSherry
Bruce has a book chassis incorporating a Mazda RX7 back axle for sale. Bruce has come to the conclusion that he requires a chassis that is wider,longer, and higher,so he is starting again.
Contact Bruce for a jump start on your build.

Bruce Kelly

Bruce wants to go the Nissan Sylvia way, and is currently looking for a suitable donor.

Russell Smithies

I've started making progress again after picking up a 4AGE motor and high pressure fuel pump off TradeMe auction site and a 4A bellhousing for a T50 from Dean Buist in Chch. I'm still looking for a gearbox now so if anyone has a spare T50 lying about.

Mike Collins

I can tell you that Mike has been driving and racing his Locost for several years now. Have a look at the photo page.