This site is to record the progress in the construction of a sports car called a Locost. Start date April 1999, the month I was given the "Book".


Started looking for a donor car. The book suggested the Mk11 ford Escort but I had visions of lifting the bonnet and seeing a twin cam there so I decided on Toyota. Found a 1980 Toyota Sprinter advertised for $500. Went and had a look and purchased the car for $450. It was a runner but had been pink slipped off the road due to chassis and steering damage. However we snuck it home under its own power.

I now had a garage full of Toyota parts but mainly the following:
Toyota twin cam 8 valve 1600cc engine.EFI. ref. 2T-GEU
Toyota gear box 5 speed ref. T-50
Toyota differential with disk brakes.
Wiring loom and lots of other bits and piece.

I went along to my nephew Sean Hoare of “East Coast Steelwork” and purchased the steel for the chassis. In the mean time, my Son and I purchased a mig welder “Telwin Bymax 152”. This is not taken into the building cost as it has long term benefits for both of us.

Over the next several months cutting steel and welding was the order of my weekends. A business customer of mine “Maketa” generously lent me one of their Chop saws which has saved me hours at the vice with a hacksaw and provided nice clean straight cuts..

Chassis went into East Coast Construction Ltd to be fully welded. This took about a month as it was an unpaid favour by my Nephew so I was not in a position to push it.

APRIL 2001 (2 YEARS)
Chassis was back fully welded. Had obtained Cortina front uprights and steering column,escort steering rack,Subaru pedal box,4 mag wheels and tyres.Discovered that the Sprinter radiator is too wide for the chassis so will have to get a replacement. I enjoy wandering round the wrecker yards.

MAY 2001
Completed the construction of jigs to build upper and lower front suspension arms.Also built a jig for the four rear trailing arms.

Differential is in the chassis with just the panhard rod to complete. Also working on scuttle, not quite in accordance with the book.

Rear suspension completed using broomhandle as shocks(temporary of course). Engine and gearbox in place for set up of engine mounts. Donor mounts totally unsuitable but once again the Locost list has given me enough ideas to proceed. Awaiting front suspension return from welder. They are being tig welded,But also must be xrayed for cracks.Also waiting for bent tubing for the scuttle.

Front suspension is now in place.The procedure of placing the front suspension brackets has been very time consuming and testing my patience and knowledge to the full. Steering rack brackets are in and camber,castor,toe in etc. seems OK.

Have searched the country far and wide and cannot locate a manual for the Toyota 2G-TEU so am reassembling the motor with only the knowledge I have from passed experience. With no clearance between valves and pistons, I better get it right.

There are two timing chains, one from the crankshaft to the internal cam which runs the oil pump and distributor and the second from the internal cam to the overhead twin cams. Each chain has shiny links which I believe you match to the timing marks. God! I hope I am right.

Today, Oct 11 I picked up a spitfire fuel tank at a swap meet for $20. Nice fit but must alter filler pipe and fuel line points.

Where has all the time gone? Anyway,it appears my guess work is correct. The motor is now fully assembled and turns over (by hand) and no clunking of valve meeting piston. I have welded in steel (1.6m) around the footwell and the tunnel and installed the gearbox and then the motor. I have to admit that I was not as careful as I should have been when I pulled the motor down 4 years ago. I am now having great difficulty finding the right nuts and bolts for all the parts. I suspect that I have burgled some for other parts of the build. A local Toyota wrecker gave me a barrell of nuts,bolts etc. This has been a "God send".

MARCH 2004
With the motor now in the chassis I am continuing to add bits to it. Starter motor is in, inlet manifold etc. Also started on the pedal box. Worked out the placement of the pedals and now buiding the housing to support these .