It seems appropriate to call my machine a TYCOS.A cross between the name Locost which was my starting point and Toyota, my major donor.


For as far back as I would like to remember, I have wanted a Lotus 7 type car. I thought of buying an unfinished project but could not find one suitable.

On my Birthday,April 1999,my son gave me a book on how to construct a sports car and thats where it all started. BOOK.gif

For answers to the many questions that need asking check out: Locost and Locost theory.There is now also Locost OZ.

Check out the NZ Regulations page for certification requirements.

Photos of my progress can be viewed from here.

COSTS are relevant for most of us,the book limit is well and truly gone.

ERRORSI thought I would try to place all the errors in one place in a language I could understand and in a way to avoid thumbing through the book continuously.Hope it works for you.

BUILD DIARYrecords the actual build and gives an indication of my slower than expected build time.

E-MAIL ME at if I can help.


CONTACTS to other New Zealand builders.

For those in New Zealand who would like to have their Locost built or to obtain profesionally made parts, here is a link to

"McGregor Motorsport"

I must also extend a big thank you to my Nephew and his Company EAST COAST STEELWORK LTD.He has assisted me by supplying steel,fully welding my chassis and suspension arms and bending any steel that I throw at him.