The purpose of this page is to record the errors found in Book 1. Most have been corrected in the second edition.

I will start with a copy of the full chassis from Book 1. Fullchassis.gif
With a bit of eye strain you can just make out the chassis pieces.However the Tab button provides a color key.

1:Page 41 second diagram down should show K3/K4 set in 1 inch ie within the in side of the bottom AI/A2.This is required to clear the trailing arms.
2:There are several errors in the cutting list on page 42 however I will not list these but instead provide a TIP.Measure each piece,remeasure,cut and fit.As pointed out to me by a number of builders,only cut as you go.

L Frame 3:Construction of the L tubes.This gave me great difficulty. Not only does LA/LB angle out from the bottom but angles back also.As advised by a number of Locost builders set up a jig and this will assist greatly in allowing the angle cuts to be set correctly.

4:Another one that caught me! [Page 51] Weld RU1/RU2 to V. This should read 3 inches in from each end.If you look at the full chassis above, it shows the correct placement. You will note that either RU1/RU2 must be split or alternatively Y.I split the Y and added 3inches to each side past the RU tubes.This assembly is welded at an upward angle from B1 ie:4 and 1/2 inches above the base board at V. TIP A brick on its edge is just right!(A NZ one anyway.)

If you go back and look at the cut list on [page 42] you will see V and Y are 42inches which is actually wider than the chassis at B1/B2.

5:Both edition 1 and edition 2.[Page59] Fig4.25.If you are using the standard metalistic bushes ie; Herald, the hole needs to be 3/8ths. or 9.5mm. not 8mm.


6:[Page61] In fig:4.29 shows the distance between the trailing arms at the chassis brackets as 146mm. However if you look at [Page 68] the length of the axle bracket is 160mm take off 50mm for lenght above and below mounting holes leaves 110mm. Not enough to have parallel trailing arms.

What we are trying to achieve is parallel arms at ride height.

7: As you can see, the bracket for the panhard rod is turned to allow up/down movement. BOOK 1 NO	BOOK 2 YES

8:If you are using the Cortina bottom swivel as I did you will find that the lower A arm as described in Book 1 & 2 does not indicate the angle of the swivel joint. Note the enclosed photos providing two ways to correct. Wish1.jpg Wish2.jpg