Wet Days again

Yet another typical weekend dawned, Rain.

This was getting beyond a joke the 5th weekend with heavy rain but during the weekdays nothing but fine clear weather. Still not enough to dampen the spirits of a few good men.

Plans were hatched during the week to meet at the farm by 7.30am. I was to collect a couple of younger cousins from the farm to take them out for their first ever pig hunt.

Upon arriving at the farm Hana was up but she couldnít rustle the boys come hell or high water they had peaked outside sometime earlier and decided that it was too wet for there first time out.

After a quick coffee and a stir up of the boys I headed off to meet Stuart and John.

By now the rain had that I'm settled in look. We released the hounds and off we trekked.

Initially we were going to head up to Totara grove to have a hunt around there, some 18 river crossings up the valley these plans rapidly changed once very fresh sign was spotted some five minutes from the trucks.

Although the bush was wet and the dogs could pick up only the really fresh sign they all worked hard in locating our quarry.

A couple of hours had passed by the time we sidled down a very step gully and into a side creek, as soon as we got to the creek the dogs disappeared. This looked promising. Not knowing which way the hounds had gone we scrambled our way up to a better listening point.

Down below and to our left we could hear the scream of a pig in distress. I immediately headed down to the river below, with Stuart calling out behind me that they could be up river.

Once down on the riverbed I crossed over to a flat but couldn't hear a thing above the noise of the river, deciding to head up stream I traveled across the flat and proceeded to again cross. In the middle of the river was a little island cover with flotsam of previous floods, making it to this little refuge I tried to scramble across it, unsuccessfully I might add. Quickly reevaluating the situation I decided to head back from where I'd come from and get up the closest ridge for a listen. How things change! Halfway back across I heard the sound of dogs and pig having a good ole scrap up river. Turning around I headed back towards the island, what seemed impossible to cross minutes ago was now conquered with ease.

Once over the island there was another small crossing before I landed on another flat, running through the bush I came out on the other side of this flat to the scene of battle. The pig was standing in the river with 4 dogs standing around it, it looked as though the dogs had been there for a little while and were gaining a well-deserved rest before piling in for another round. Upon seeing me they all climbed in and grabbed the pig, quickly I ran to the pig, tipped it over and drove the knife home.

The dogs began eyeing each other up thinking they were going to have a scrap amongst themselves I removed my boot from the pigs throat and tried to shoo them away. With this the pig stood up rather worst for wear with blood pouring from the hole in his chest, again I tipped it over and finished the job.

John and then Stuart arrived on the scene, they had skirted around the hillside and didnít make as good as time as me. It was discovered that we still had two dogs away Stuart went to look for the missing dogs while John and I gutted the pig out.

After 1/2 an hour or so John and I decided that standing around in the river waiting for Stuart to return was getting a bit tiresome so we headed off to find him. After a couple of loud hollers we found that Stuart was well up a ridge above us having a listen for the missing dogs. A bit of yelling back and forth, we ascertained that there was only one dog still away. As we were only 15mins or so from the truck we relayed to Stuart that we would head back, drop the pig off and see if the dog was there. Having not moved more than twenty feet and around the corner come's the missing dog looking well refreshed. The bugger must have been around all the time just waiting for us to appear.

Arriving back at the truck the dogs were put in the box while we stood around in the rain with a warm drink hatching plans for next weeks adventure.

Roll on next weekend when we'll be out there doing it all again, hopefully with the sun on our backs instead of the rain.

The end