Mud in the eye!

Pig wallows from a different perspective.

Walking along a pig tack early one morning we came across a recently used wallow, the outline of a rather large beast was still evident in the mud. Stopping briefly we examined the prints leaving the wallow and headed further along the track following the departing pig. Five minutes later we came to a junction in the trail. We stopped to discuss the freshness of the previous sighting, after debating this for some time a decision was made to return to the wallow for a more in depth look, little did we know that it would be exactly that!

Arriving at the wallow Stuart straddled the mud and leant over clutching a tree for balance, he began examining the wetness of the mud to determine how fresh it was.

Crack! The tree that was supporting Stuart gave way, face first into the mud. With that John and I just lost it, not knowing whether to laugh, cry or both. Unfortunately for Stuart the mud was exactly that - wet, sticky and smelly.

A perfect face print beside a perfect outline of the pig, we wanted to check how fresh the wallow was but this was taking it a bit to far - no need to smell it as well.

A pig's perspective of the same wallow!

Trotting along my favorite track I came to my local bathing place, a nice wet sticky smelly pile of mud. The scent of humans and dogs was around but my keen senses indicated that it was several days old.

Hell! What's that shape in my wallow? Looks like a human's face. Ah a sign from the pig god himself. The face of my tormentor, the same bugger that chases me every weekend. Best I steer clear from here….

To date we still haven't captured the pig whose shape we spotted in the wallow, by best guestimate we reckon it is about 100lb.

In actual fact the same spot has been a poor producer of pork since the mud in the eye day. Porky Pig has probably had all his mates over to check the wallow out, I can just imagine them having a good old laugh at our expense. Bloody pigs!

The end