A large ray of Sunshine

Believe it or not but this is a true story.

My pig-hunting buddy (whom I cant name due to impending embarrassment) was up on a friendís farm checking on the stock whilst another mate of ours was away overseas. We regularly hunt on this property and have recently spotted some very large pig marks

Now this mate has over forty years of pig hunting experience under his belt.

He had parked the quad and was wandering through the paddocks when he spotted a very large pig lying in the scrub. Without dogs or gun he raced back to the quad and started the machine about to head home for both dogs and gun.

When the quad started the said pig looked up and began running after the quad blocking the only access out of the farm. With this my mate headed for high ground and when at a safe distance merrily heckled the pig.

The pig deciding that this chap was no fun returned to its original position in the scrub and went about itís own business.

Now that the access was clear this tough pig hunter raced home and gathered some reinforcements, his son. (Who will also remain nameless)

Both of these very brave hunters returned to the spot where this pig was originally spotted, the son thinking that his father had finally lost the plot.

The pig was still there and again heard the quad and started chasing after it, this time the boys were a bit better prepared and had ensured that there access out of the farm wouldnít be hindered.

The lads headed down the track at the safest possible speed with this bloody large pig chasing after them. Just managing to make it through the gate with enough time to close it before the pig could make it through.

A neighbour heard all the commotion and came down to see what was going on. The boys at this time had a rather puzzled look on their faces as this pig had big floppy ears and an odd shaped snout, nothing like your average NZ wild pig.

The neighbour also spotted these irregularities and went back to his house only to return with a bucket of scraps, on seeing and smelling this the pig happily trotted into the stock pens and began munching on these delights.

The boys very first live capture, estimated weight 200Lb.

As it turns out the pig had escaped from a neighbouring farm and had travelled some distance through the bush and made residence on our friendís farm. Sunshine (pigs name) had been missing for sometime and her owners had feared the worst.

This was very obviously the pigís mark that we had seen on a number of occasions. Bloody lucky that we never caught the bugger with the dogs.

This is something that these two very tough pig hunters will never live down, scared of a large ray of Sunshine.