Welcome to Meg's Page


I'm just a little Westie
With a wish for you
Of happiness and health
All the year through



Hi, I'm Meg, a 7 year old West Highland White terrier from down under in New
Zealand. I'm pretty much your average
Westie - gorgeous, plenty of attitude,
heaps of opinions and a need to always
be involved in whatever my people
are doing.

For the last two years we have lived near Christchurch
in the South Island. I didn't like the cold winters much.
Now we are back living on the Kapiti Coast,
about 50 km north of Wellington in the North Island.
We are only a few minutes walk from the beach,
the wetlands and the river - a dog's paradise!


My Mum Jinty.
I'm the middle pup.

Me at 10 months.
Don't you think I
look like my Mum?



The quirks that make me "me":

* They say I'm too vocal! Being reprimanded for barking,I've developed a
vocabulary of grunts and other noises to communicate my wants. My friend
Wendy learned them pretty quickly, but then I learned her words quickly too
- although it was a long time before I admitted I really did know what
"down" meant!
* I'm besotted by shadows and reflections. They're fun to chase.
* I'm really fascinated by sounds, especially words and musical instruments
like the harmonica and clarinet.
* Some of my favourite things:
playing games of any sort; opening presents; eating green peas; running away
with a slipper; going in the car; playing on the beach; having a cuddle.
* I don't like thunder or getting wet!


I like to be the star of the show.



Click here to see my action photos.



You see us every morning,
A common pair are we,
Each on a leash's ending--
My little dog and me.
We amble village byways
In bright or dismal weather;
You may not think there's much in that,
But we have fun together.

from "Pals" by John E Donovan


A troublesome fly is near my nose,
(Tickle me, please, behind the ears);
He thinks I'll snap him, I suppose,
(Tickle me,please, behind the ears).
If I lay on my back with my legs in the air
Would you scratch my stomach, just here and there?
It's a puppy trick and I don't care,
But tickle me more behind the ears.

Heaven, I guess, is all like this
(Tickle me,please, behind the ears).
It's my idea of eternal bliss
(Tickle me, please,behind the ears).
With angel cats for a dog to chase,
And a very extensive barking space,
And big bones buried all over the placee...
And you, to tickle me behind the ears.

from "Contentment" by B. Johnson


"Westies, though they're very small,
Do not think they are at all."


You can write to me at mailto:osbornes@paradise.net.nz

Visit me and lots of other westies at The Terrier Club.

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Compiled November 1999. Updated October 2001.