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north island tour - 2 weeks - from auckland
This itinerary is a general guide what you may want to do on a 2 week tour of the North Island, assuming you are flying in and out of Auckland International Airport (AKL). Times can easily be extended to make the trip longer.
DAY 1: Arrive at AKL, and pick up a rental car from airport, see Car Rental Links. You can hire a car later on if you wish, and bus around Auckland. Check in at a motel/hotel. Tour around the central city, taking in the sights and sounds of the city.
DAY 2 - 4: Continue to tour around Auckland. See Auckland Attractions for more info.
DAY 5:Drive down to Rotorua, via Hamilton. It's a 4-hour drive from Auckland. Spend the day looking around Rotorua, relaxing in the thermal pools and observing the breathtaking geysers and mud pools. Don't worry, you will get used to the smell.
DAY 6 - 7: Continue to look around Rotorua. See Rotorua Attractions for more info. If you like fishing, you may want to travel south a bit, to Lake Taupo and have a look.
DAY 8:Travel South-East, along SH2 to Gisborne. It should take roughly 2.5 hours. Spend the night in Gisborne, after taking in what it has to offer.
DAY 9: Continue south, along SH2, until you arrive at Napier. Napier is one of New Zealand's overlooked tourist spots, and there you will find a huge array of vineyards, food and culture, and attractions, plus New Zealand's second largest Theme Park, Fantasyland, is just 10 mi away.
DAY 10: Drive down to Wellington, still along SH2, late in the afternoon, after spending the rest of that day in Napier. It should take around 3 hours. Check into a hotel in Wellington, the nation's capital.
DAY 11-12: Spend the whole next day traveling around Wellington, especially Te Papa, New Zealand's largest museum, which can take a whole day to get around. In the late evening, begin your journey back to Auckland, straight up SH1.
DAY 13: After an 8-hour journey to Auckland, continue up SH1 to reach the Bay of Islands, about 2 hours north of Auckland. This is New Zealand's answer to Fiji, with relaxing beaches, and great weather.
DAY 14: Just mallow out in the Bay of Islands, before returning to Auckland that day.

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