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-See regional pages for more information on accommodation.
Depending on how much you want to spend, you can be bedded up anywhere from around $50, at your typical Best Western and the like Motel, to the price of a small country at the Park Royal and places like that.

Currency: The New Zealand Dollar (NZD) is divided into 100 cents, and is equal to roughly 1/3 of the British Pound and 1/2 of the American Dollar.

Currency Exchange: At most airports you will either find Thomas Cook or Travelex, or a Bureau de Change run by a bank (often BNZ).

Dialing: To dial New Zealand from overseas add 0064 plus the one-digit area code.
e.g. (03) 123 4567 becomes +0064 3 123 4567

New Zealand has adapted a lot of American and British culture, and food is no exception. In main centres you will find a lot of Fish and Chip shops, Chinese and other ethnic foods, and McD's and KFC takeaway, among others.
The best meals you will find are the $10-Ye-Olde-Small-Town-Hotel meals, but in main cities you may have to settle for what is mentioned above.
The main native food you will find may be the traditional Maori hangi, where food is cooked by white-hot stones, buried under the ground. When all comes to all, you can't get past the good 'ol NZ Meat Pie with tomato sauce.

Payphones: Payphones can be found in most places around New Zealand. They occur in three main types:

  • Coin phones take coins (go figure), with a minimum deposit of 20c
  • Card phones use special telecom phone cards, which can be bought at many dairies and shops around the area, where you see the sign on the right.
  • Credit card phones accept credit cards.

    Tipping: Tipping in New Zealand is not normal practice, but would be appreciated.

    Voltage: The voltage in New Zealand electricity sockets is 240 volts, and have the standard three-pin or two-pin AUS/NZ plugs. (right)

    Water: Tap water is completely safe to drink in all areas.

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