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outlying islands and overseas territory

The maps are not to scale with each other.
Any information not filled in should be completed soon.

Ross Dependency      
"The Ross" is New Zealand's stake in Antarctica, and is almost twice the size of New Zealand itself.
Area: 414,000 km²
Population No permanent settlement (but usually is about 260)
Main Settlement: Scott Base

Stewart Island      
Stewart Island, the third island that makes up mainland New Zealand is located just south of Invercargill.
Area: 1,746 km²
Population 600
Highest point: Mt Anglem
Main Settlement(s): Oban a.k.a. Halfmoon Bay

Great Barrier Island      
Located in the Hauraki Gulf, east of Auckland, Great Barrier is the forth largest "mainland" island in New Zealand.
Area: 285 km²
Population N/A
Highest point: N/A

Kapiti Island     
Located off the Kapiti Coast, north of Wellington.
Area: 2200 ha
Population N/A
Highest point: N/A

Waiheke Island     
Located just east of Auckland in the Hauraki Gulf, Waiheke Island is a popular destination for harbour cruises.
Area: 2200 ha
Population N/A
Highest point: N/A

Campbell Island      
The outermost of New Zealand's islands, Campbell Island is located 600 km south-east of Stewart Island.
Area: 114 km²
Population N/A
Highest point: N/A

Auckland Islands      
Located 320 km south of Stewart Island, the Auckland Islands were named after the same Lord as the city and province.
Area: 575 km²
Population N/A
Highest point: N/A

Chatham Islands      
Comprising of two main islands, Chatham Island and the smaller, Pitt Island in the south-east, the Chathams lie 850 km east of Christchurch.
Area: n/a
Population 800
Highest point: N/A
Main Settlement: Waitangi

A small island in the South Pacific, Niue has been in NZ dependence since early last century.
Area: 258 km²
Population N/A
Highest point: N/A
Main Settlement: Alofi

Cook Islands      
Although the 15 islands are small in size, they are spread out over some 2 million km². Map shows main island, Rarotonga.
Area: 241 km²
Population N/A
Highest point: N/A

Tokelau is a NZ controlled country, comprising of three atolls in the South Pacific Ocean.
Area: 13 km²
Population 1500
Highest point: N/A

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