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New Zealand has accomplished much in its short history. The timeline below gives a brief outline of the history of a unique country.

1350Supposed year of the 'Great Migration' in which a large fleet of Maori arrived in NZ from Hawaiki.
1642Naming it Staten Landt, Abel Tasman discovers and claims New Zealand for Holland.
1769Captain James Cook lands at Gisborne and claims New Zealand for Britain.
1772Marion du Fresne lands in the Bay of Islands and, yet again, claims the country for France, calling it France Australe (South France)
1837The colonization of New Zealand Begins.
1840The Treaty of Waitangi is signed on February 6th.
1840'sThe Maori rebel against the British, lead by Hone Heke.
1841New Zealand officially declared a crown colony.
1842Settlement at Nelson formed. Auckland proclaimed capital city.
1846The country is divided into two provinces.
1850Christchurch settled and port of Lyttleton formed nearby.
1857Potatau I becomes the first Maori King.
1858New provinces Act passed.
1859Gold discovered in Buller.
1860Second of the Maori wars fought at Waireki.
1861Truce arranged with Taranaki Maori. More gold discovered in Central Otago
1863Waikato Wars rage until 1864.
1868New Zealand becomes first country in the world to let its native people vote.
1876Provinces abolished.
1893NZ becomes first country in the world to give women the vote.
1899NZ is the first country to give the elderly the pension.
1907New Zealand constituted as a Dominion.
1914WWI - New Zealand troops land at Anzac Cove in Turkey to try and knock the Turkish out of the war.
1931Napier earthquake hits, killing 255 people.
1950British Empire Games held in Auckland.
1951ANZUS Pact established between NZ, Australia and the US.
1951The watersiders' strike, where union workers went on strike for 151 days. Over 1000 workers attacked a group of police who were trying to disperse them.
1953Sherpa Tenzing and New Zealander Edmund Hilary conquer Mt Everest.
1974Xth Commonwealth Games held in Christchurch.
1981The South African rugby tour goes ahead, despite much protest. Riots break out all over the country, and the nation is divided. Described as the worst 56 days in New Zealand's history.
1985The world watches NZ as it refuses port entry to a US Nuclear Warship, breaking the ANZUS Pact, and establishing itself as the world's first Anti-Nuclear country.
1985Greenpeace vessel, the Rainbow Warrior is sunk by French agents at Auckland, leaving New Zealanders forever sour at the French.
1990XIVth Commonwealth Games held in Auckland.
1995New Zealand and the Black Magic boat, beat the USA to win the America's Cup (Yachting), the world's oldest sporting trophy.
1999A female protester dies of brain injuries after being run over in the picket line at Lyttelton Harbour.
2000New Zealand successfully defends the Amercica's Cup, making NZ the only country to do so outside of the US.

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