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This page contains otherwise unpublished comments on topical issues. It is intended that these provide some "food for thought". Please feel free to forward any feedback in relation to any of the issues by clicking on the e-mail link.


In Favour of Same-Sex Marriage

28 Jan 2004
A consideration of some of the issues raised in the civil union / same-sex marriage debate in the New Zealand context. Adapted from a presentation by Nigel Christie for "Project 9 July" at "The Pound", Wellington, New Zealand on 28 January 2004.

We May Not Like The Décor, But …

25 May 2001
I strongly believe that the proposed Civil Union Bill is contrary to the principles of equality under the law for same-sex couples. In this piece, I explain why I believe this to be the case. In summary, it is a comment on the issue of seeking same-sex marriage as opposed to seeking separate but unequal legislation for registered partnerships.

A Higher Level of Commitment

8 May 2001
On Tv1 on 7 May 2001, there was quite a wonderful programme about Hudson and Halls. This was a great opportunity for media to editorialise and support same-sex relationships in New Zealand – an opportunity they missed, preferring instead to relegate this issue, and Hudson and Halls lives, back into the “entertainment” sections.

Same-Sex Marriage

May 2001
This is an earlier and preliminary comment on equal recognition of same-sex couples.

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