Simple Ray Tracer

This is supposed to be a very simple, minimal raytracer, mainly for educational purposes. It's almost totally lacking in any kind of optimisations, to keep the code simple. Features include:



Download the source code and a Windows executable:

Version 1.0

There is a MSVC++ 6.0 workspace included - the file /simpleraytracer/winsimpleraytracer.dsw.

Hopefully u should be able to build the project from this: if not you can always run the executable /simpleraytracer/winsimpleraytracer.exe.

Build it in release mode for optimum speed.

It will only build in windows due to several platform dependent classes.


15 April 2004 - Current version is 1.0.


Written by Nik Chapman a.k.a. Ono-Sendai, 2004.

GDI drawing code adapted from FlipCode COTD Entry submitted by Joshua Carmody []


Real-time Ray Tracer: Another of my raytracers, this one has heaps of optimisations and uses OpenGL for fast interpolation and texturing.

My homepage: See some of my other projects.